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All-District 1, Division II girls soccer team

Note: The All-District team was selected by the district’s coaches.


Forward — Lilly Kamberov, Caddo Magnet, Sr.
Forward — Breanna Bundy, Benton, Sr.
Outside Mid/Wing — Emma Mayfield, Minden, Sr.
Outside Mid/Wing — Hannah Sanders, Caddo Magnet, So.
Outside Mid/Wing — Georgia Carroway, Benton, Jr.
Center Mid — Meghan Schaffer, Haughton, Jr.
Center Mid — Lillie Thibodeaux, Caddo Magnet, Sr.
Defender — Hailey Enloe, Caddo Magnet, Sr.
Defender — Kyla Kligensmith, Benton, So.
Defender — Madison Smith, Minden, So.
Defender — Kayce Estes, Parkway, Sr.
Goalie — May Claire Booth, Minden, Sr.

DEFENSIVE MVP — Ashlyn Hanna, Parkway, Sr.
OFFENSIVE MVP — Hailey McGhee, Benton, Sr.
OVERALL MVP — Aubrey Burkhardt, Parkway, Jr.
COACH OF THE YEAR — Che Walcott, Parkway


Forwards — Peyton Pipes, Parkway, Fr.; Caroline Canatella, Caddo Magnet, Sr.; Ella Slack, Caddo Magnet, Fr.
Outside Mid/Wings — Shelby Watson, Haughton, Jr.; Shadai Davenport, Huntington, So.; J.J. Craion, Parkway, So.
Center Mids — Ashton Smith, Minden, Sr.; Baylee Cortez, Benton, So.; Lisette Tunek, Parkway, So.; Avery Prevot, Caddo Magnet, Sr.
Defenders — Lauren Brooks, Haughton, Sr.; Hailey Cross, Minden, Jr.; Anna Hauser, Northwood, Jr.; Bailey Coleman, Benton, So.
Goalie — Tori Lunsford, Haughton, Sr.


Forwards — Madeline Milton, Haughton, Fr.; Madison Waldron, Haughton, Sr.; Faith Ingles, Parkway, Jr.; Jahlaynah (JJ) Craion, Parkway, So.; Jacqueline Martinez, Huntington, Fr.; Madeline Frye, Minden, Jr.
Outside Mid/Wings — Natalie Dubose, Minden, So.; Annalee Ward, Benton, Jr; Heather Landry, Parkway, So.; Lauren Sepeda, Parkway, So.; Camryn Loyd, Huntington, So.; Ella Jones, Caddo Magnet, So.; Sarah Varnado, Benton, Jr.; Michelle Elias, Parkway, Jr.; Maya Cosic, Parkway, Sr
Center Mids — Ashley Young, Benton, Jr.; Anyelit Falcon, Parkway, So.; Abbygale Currence, Haughton, Jr.; Emily El-Shaer, Caddo Magnet, Sr.
Defenders — Kamryn King, Haughton, Jr.; Anna Grace Hale, Parkway, So.; Kendall Roshto, Parkway, Jr.; Kelsey Morgan, Caddo Magnet, So.; Ally Beasley, Caddo Magnet, So.; Merrit Shemwell, Caddo Magnet, Fr.; Ashlynn Stewart, Benton, Jr.; Kimberly Boiler, Minden, Sr.
Goalies: Merritt Lauterbach, Benton, So.; Madison Ersoff, Parkway, Fr.; Sarah Tuggle, Caddo Magnet, Jr.; Jackeline Verduzco, Huntington, So.

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