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Diversion structure partially opened on Red Chute Bayou

Recent amounts of precipitation in the region has created wet and very saturated ground conditions, which along with future precipitation events has and will increase the volume of water that flows into rivers, bayous and tributaries throughout Bossier Parish.

To be proactive the Levee District under the advisement of the Corps of Engineers has partially opened a warningdiversion structure located on Red Chute Bayou just north of the Dogwood Bridge, beginning midnight March 15th.

This is done at predetermined water levels to bypass some of the water from Red Chute Bayou into the Flat River. The purpose is to control the level of the water in Red Chute Bayou to help prevent any flooding issues along Red Chute Bayou throughout the parish protecting lives and property.

There is an advisory for the areas of Bossier Parish south of Hwy 154. This part of the parish has and will continue to see flooding of low-lying areas and after any rainfall flash flooding could occur.

There is a lot of water that travels down through the parish trying to find its way to the Red River and when the water flowing exceeds that of where it is draining. Although it is draining sluggishly it creates a backing up situation downstream.

There is a team keeping a close eye on the water situation in Bossier Parish, they include Bossier Parish and Bossier City Officials, The Bossier Parish Levee District, The Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Geological Surveys.

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