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Donations being accepted for injured Benton police officer


An account has been set up to help a Benton Police officer cover his medical expenses while he recovers from an injury sustained on the job.

Officer LaRandle Taylor arrived in the 6200 block of La. Hwy. 3 early on Saturday, Jan. 11 to prevent drivers from running over a downed power line.

Several minutes later, a pickup truck turned north bound onto Hwy 3 from Burt Boulevard. As the vehicle approached the down utility line, Officer Taylor exited his patrol unit in attempt to stop the oncoming pickup truck, which continued north and hit the line. The line was whipped up and struck Officer Taylor.

He received electrical injuries to both legs, and both arms. He is expected to make a full recovery, but Officer Taylor is a part-time police officer and is not eligible for sick or vacation time.

An account has been set up for Officer LaRandle Taylor for donations to help cover cost of his bills and living expense while being off of work.

You can see the info below:

First National Bank of Benton 104 Sibley
PO Box 280
Benton, LA 71006

Account Number: 1133047
Officer LaRandle Taylor
Benton Police Department