Elf on the Shelf phenomenon spreads to Bossier

Parker (right) and Peyton (left) Fulghum with their magical Christmas elves, Kenny and Brandon, and all of their pet friends.

Amanda Simmons

There’s a bit of Christmas magic happening in households around the country.

The elves have returned for the Christmas season, bringing fun and a little bit of mischief with them all the way from the North Pole. “The Elf on the Shelf” is based on a children’s book that explains how Santa sends his little helpers down to watch all of the children around the world to see who is naughty and who is nice.

While children are asleep, the elves can move around as much as they want. Once the children wake up, they set off to find just what their elf has been up to, even finding them in questionable situations.

Like everything, there are rules to Elf on the Shelf. Kids can’t touch them or it will drain their magic.

Peyton and Parker Fulghum of Benton got their first elf, Fred, seven years ago. He doesn’t get into mischief, but he does watch and report back to Santa, Sara Fulghum said.

The boys wrote a letter in kindergarten asking Santa to bring them touchable elves. Little did they know what was coming their way.

Elves Brandon and Kenny are quite mischievous….and kind of look like Peyton and Parker. These two elves have been known to get into a little bit of trouble, taking cars out for a drive, making messes in the kitchen and getting tangled up in Christmas lights.

Peyton said his favorite thing to do is wake up every morning and see where they are and what they’ve done. Parker, too, admits he has no problems waking up in the mornings while the elves are around.

“I think they are awesome,” Parker said.

Sara said having the elves around only adds to the excitement of the Christmas season.

“People may not like the elves, but they are only little once,” she said. “It’s all part of the Christmas experience. Presents and toys are great, but this is something magical every day.”

The elves don’t overtake the true meaning of Christmas in the Fulghum household.

“They are here to party and celebrate Jesus with us,” she said.