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Faculty art show in BPCC’s Donna Service Gallery

Bossier Parish Community College announces a Faculty Art Show on display through March 2nd in the Donna Service Gallery, located in Building A, on the College campus, 6220 E Texas St. The art exhibition consists of various mediums by BPCC’s art faculty.

Danny Williams, associate professor in BPCC’s Liberal Arts Division and one of the exhibitors, explains the concept behind the establishment of the faculty show. “The faculty show is rather a tradition in the college setting,” says Williams. “College students rarely get to know the work which a faculty member creates in his or her studio. I have always thought the opportunity for dialogue created by this type of show is a valuable experience for both students and faculty.”

Open from 9:00 am – 2:30 pm daily, the Donna Service Gallery at Bossier Parish Community College will host four other exhibitions this spring semester. These exhibits include:

n Caddo Parish Talented Arts Program Exhibition – March 6-23

n BPCC Student Exhibition – March 27-April 25

n 31st Annual Congressional Art Show – April 27-May 4


The Donna Service Gallery at Bossier Parish Community College was named for a deceased art instructor at the College. The gallery houses student art work in all forms—portraits, paintings, sculpture, and photography.


While at BPCC, Service taught Introduction to Fine Arts, Art History, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Art for Elementary Teachers. She encouraged her students to interact with the broader art scene in Shreveport-Bossier by involving them in projects such as Arts in the Edge – a month long art showcase with local and regional artists in downtown Shreveport.


List of Artworks includes:

1. Danny Williams, Wages, Computer Generated Imagery- Digital, 2011

2. Danny Williams, Transformation, CGI – Digital, 2004

3. Danny Williams, Deathcar, CGI – Digital, 2005

4. Danny Williams, The Evangels, CGI – Digital, 200

5. Diane Dufilho, Tree in Spring, India ink on paper, 2011

6. Diane Dufilho, Tree in Windstorm, India ink on paper, 2011

7. Diane Dufilho, Tree in Fire Storm, India ink on paper, 2011

8. Diane Dufilho, Tree in Bloom, India ink on paper, 2011

9. Kathy Brodnax, Lily Rose, Acrylic on Board, 2011

10. Kathy Brodnax, Sasanqua, Acrylic on Board, 2011

11. Kathy Brodnax, Mal Maison, Acrylic on Board, 2011

12. Mark Charleville, Burning Cane, Digital Print

13. Mark Charleville, Canebrake Guard, Mixed Media on Masonite

14. Mark Charleville, The Thief of Muscadine Bluff, Mixed, Acrylic on Masonite

15. John Waggoner, Buddhavista, Acrylic Paint

16. John Waggoner, Totem, Acrylic Paint

17. John Waggoner, Roman Head, Acrylic Paint

18. John Waggoner, King Tut, Acrylic Paint

19. John Waggoner, Drooping Frame, Acrylic Paint

20. Kelly McDade, Gaudy Artemis, Mixed Media, 2012

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