Fax-Net Update: Bossier City contract attorneys


Last week, we published the contract attorneys for the city of Shreveport.  The total spent in 2016 was $946,610.

Brian Crawford, chief administrative officer, told the Fax-Net that these outside contracts are carefully reviewed by the Mayor Ollie Tyler administration. As a  result, the 2016 expenditures were more than $1 million less than Mayor Cedric Glover’s last year in office..

This week, we look at Bossier City.  Keep in mind that Bossier City is less than one-third the size of  Shreveport. According to Census Bureau estimates, Shreveport has 200,327 residents compared with 66,333 for Bossier City.

Here are the contract attorneys with the amounts rounded off to the nearest dollar:

  • Neil Erwin – $177,072.
  • Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway – $87,127.
  • Kean Miller – $47,761.
  • Colvin, Smith & McKay – $26,881.
  • Weiner, Weiss & Madison – $1,453.
  • TOTAL – $340,294.

UNO state politics poll

The University of New Orleans Survey Research Center has released the results of a statewide poll on Louisiana’s budget situation and the governor’s call for a special session.

The Survey Research Center conducted an interactive voice response survey, also known as a “robo-poll,” of 919 respondents on Feb. 7.

First, let’s look at Democratic Gov John Bell Edwards’ job approval rating.  Overall, it’s 49% with 36% disapproving, and 15%  Undecided.

Whites give him 39% approval, while blacks give him 69%.  Democrats give him 74% approval, while Republicans give him 29%, and Independents 44%.

Respondents under 50 give Edwards a 46% approval rating, while those over 49 give him 52% approval.

It is a different story for the Legislature, which respondents disapprove of by a 2 to 1 margin.  Only  24% give the Legislature a good approval rating, while 50% disapprove of the job it is doing.

What is interesting is that Republicans disapprove of the job the Republican-majority Legislature is doing by 54%, while only 41% of Democrats disapprove.

When questioned on whether Louisiana is facing a budget crisis, 75% of respondents said yes.  The larger question here is, who are the 25% who don’t think so or don’t know that the state is facing a financial crisis.

Seventy-five percent of Democrats responded yes to the budget crisis question, while 73% of Republicans said yes as well.

Younger persons also believe there is a financial crisis – 79% of respondents under 50 said yes to the question, while 71% of those over 49 believe the state has a financial crisis.

Who is responsible for the budget crisis?  That question drew some interesting answers from respondents.

Former Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal got 60% of the blame, current Gov. Edwards got 13%, and the Legislature was cited by 23%,

But only 35% of Republican respondents put the blame on Jindal, while 21% said Edwards, and 37%  said the Legislature.  The flip side of that is 87% of Democratic respondents blame Jindal, while only 4% says Edwards is the blame, and 8% blame the Legislature.

On the need for a special session, 68% said that they think one is needed, while 18% said no, and 13% didn’t know.

Views differed by party affiliation – 78% of Democrats said they believed a special session is needed and only 59% of Republicans saw the need for a special session.

Lou Gehrig Burnett is a seasoned veteran of national and local politics. He publishes Fax-Net Update, a weekly political newsletter.