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First Baptist building sports complex

An architectural rendering of the new sports complex at First Baptist Bossier.

Story by Jennifer Middleton

There are big things in store for First Baptist Bossier in the near future.

The Bossier City-based church has begun the preliminary stages of construction on a new sports complex. The proposed building will serve as a means of outreach to the community, according to Pastor Brad Jurkovich.

“The vision for this is reaching kids and families,” Jurkovich said, “and one of the best ways to do that is through sports outreach ministries.”

Jurkovich explained that the church purchased some property near their campus a few years ago, and it has been sitting there waiting to be utilized ever since.

“We want to develop a master plan for the footprint of our current facility,” he said. “We’re gonna add buildings and all that, but we need to take some time to develop a plan. But while we’re doing that, why not start utilizing these seven acres to the west of our property and start putting in some fields so that we can start doing some cool sports outreach events?”

It’s about more than just sports and fields, according to the pastor. Ultimately, it’s about connecting families. Once the new complex is built, they can use it to host big events like their Easter Extravaganza and their Fall Festival, reaching thousands of people at a time.

The new facility will have three high-quality turf fields that can be used for football, soccer, lacrosse, and special events like concerts. It will also be well-lit, allowing for night-time events, which will open up even more possibilities.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle in the new project is the budget for the building — a whopping $3.6 million.

But it seems to be a hurdle that the people of First Bossier are facing with optimism. Pastor Jurkovich is convinced that raising the money will not be a problem.

“Our church is doing a campaign for it,” he said. “People are stepping up left and right to help raise that money, and we’ve already had a tremendous response.”

Jurkovich is excited about the opportunities the complex will create in the community.

“We’re really excited about having that right there in the heart of Bossier City, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” he said.

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