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Former CIC vice president named president of new cyber security firm


Former Cyber Innovation Center vice president G.B. Cazes has been named president of a new cybersecurity firm.

Metova Inc. announced Thursday the launch of Metova Solutions, a provider of Military-grade cybersecurity technologies, training and hardware for corporations and institutions.

Metova Solutions leverages Metova CyberCENTS industry-leading cybersecurity offerings used by entities including the US Navy, Air National Guard and Department of Defense to provide companies, including health care providers, banks, as well as public and private institutions such as universities and state/local governments, with the highest level of cybersecurity hardware, training and technology available.

To lead efforts, Metova Solutions is announcing the appointment of G.B. Cazes as president at Metova Solutions. Mr. Cazes has served as vice president at Cyber Innovation Center and executive director, National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center. Cazes also serves on national and state cybersecurity education boards and is an architect of the nation’s model for cyber education.

“We’ve taken our battle-tested, patented technology from Metova CyberCENTs and made it available and accessible to non-military entities,” said G.B. Cazes, president at Metova Solutions. “Whether you are a small to medium size business, health care provider, bank or a globally positioned corporation, we offer unparalleled resources to help prepare anyone for the ever-evolving threat of cyber attack.”

Metova Solutions technology replicates a network, which provides a safe and secure training environment to hone cyber defense tactics, techniques and procedures in response to new cyber threats and attacks.

This enables cybersecurity program directors, curriculum developers, educators, trainers and employers to build cyberspace simulations to develop a workforce that adheres to the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce Framework.

For more information, visit their website at metovasolutions.com.

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