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Former Haughton star Prescott featured on cover of Sports Illustrated


Former Haughton star Dak Prescott is the subject of a cover story in this week’s Sports Illustrated magazine.

It marks the third time the Dallas Cowboys’ rookie quarterback has graced the cover of the magazine. He was on it twice during college at Mississippi State, including a regional College Preview cover.

Prescott is a 2011 graduate of Haughton. He led the Bucs to a 12-1 record in 2010. Haughton lost to eventual state champion Franklinton in the Class 4A quarterfinals.

The Cowboys improved to 4-1 with a 28-14 victory over Cincinnati Sunday at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Prescott has attempted 155 passes without throwing an interception, an NFL record for rookie quarterbacks.


Here are a few excerpts from the article provided by Sports Illustrated.

On seeing debates on TV about the Cowboys’ quarterback future, Prescott says: “[but] that’s not my issue to get involved in… Yeah, I want to play. But I’m at the beginning of my career. [Tony’s] at the end of his. As long as we’re winning, I don’t care.”

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones praises Prescott: “[Dak] can develop—and to me the key word is develop—into what you want in a franchise quarterback.”

Jones speaks to the Tony Romo versus Dak Prescott debate: “Right now Tony still gives us the best chance to win big games; Dak is only going to get better… At some point an intersection is going to happen where we ask, Is it in our best interest to start giving Dak the reps?”

On the chain of events that lead to the Cowboys drafting Prescott in the fourth round, Jones says: “Thank God.”

Prescott recalls his first opportunity to show his game after backup QB Kellen Moore was injured this August in practice: “The first play I dropped the snap… In my head I was like, Did you really just do that?”

Prescott talks to SI about earning autonomy at the line of scrimmage at Mississippi State: “I had so much freedom… that if I didn’t change anything at the line I’d get in trouble.”

49ers coach Chip Kelly speaks to SI about NFL execs who are still dubious about QBs from spread offenses: “It’s a silly stigma; it’s Neanderthalic… Do they think they aren’t taught to read a defense? Do they [think they don’t] have quarterback meetings or coaches? Go down the list in the NFL: There are more quarterbacks from spread offenses than pro-style offenses.”

On playing for the team he grew up following, Prescott says: “It’s a dream come true… but it doesn’t feel like I’m dreaming.”

Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley talks to SI about Dak Prescott’s demeanor: “It’s like he’s not even a rookie… It’s like he’s a five-year vet.”

Here is what some in the national media are saying about Prescott.

“Everything that’s going on in Dallas starts with Dak Prescott. I love what I’m seeing come out of Dallas.” — Randy Moss, ESPN analyst and former NFL receiver. (Twitter)

“Dak Prescott is creating a really difficult situation for the Cowboys … Not sure how you take him out.” — Albert Breer, Senior Reporter, The Monday Morning Quarterback (Twitter)

“If Dak Prescott is flowing…you stick with him.” — Stephen A. Smith, ESPN First Take (Twitter)

“It’s understandable why (Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry) Jones and possibly even (Cowboys coach) Garrett would want to hand the reins back over to (Tony) Romo, once he is cleared from his back injury. There really are not even that many reasons to pin Romo to the sideline, except for the major one: Prescott is thriving.
As Crash Davis in Bull Durham, Kevin Costner says that “a player on a streak has to respect the streak.” Same goes for an NFL team. Barring an absolute meltdown by Prescott during Dallas’s Week 6 visit to Green Bay, the fourth-round pick will have done absolutely nothing to justify removing him from the lineup.” — Chris Burke, Sports Illustrated

— Staff Reports

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