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Fox Run Golf Course at BAFB open to off-base civilians

Story by Staff Sgt. Sean Martin, 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE — As of Jan 1, off-base civilians are now authorized to play at the Fox Run Golf Course.

This new directive allows civilians to obtain a base pass that can be used only for the golf course.

“This decision came about for a few reasons, one being financially,” said William Duckworth, Fox Run Golf Course manager. “The other reason is that there has been a lot of talk from the local community about their interest in being able to play golf on Barksdale.”

Civilians must send in a request to the Fox Run in order to obtain the one-year pass and be eligible to play.

“Any person interested in obtaining a pass, must contact the golf course,” said Tony Sawyer. “The golf course will then become that person’s sponsor.”

The process to obtain a pass starts with the golf course requesting a person for this access.

“All interested civilians must fill out a base access request form which will then be turned in the 2nd Security Forces Squadron,” said Sawyer. “After the completion of the form, a background check is done on the individual to determine if they are eligible for the pass. We have various criteria that each background check must meet in order to allow the individual base access for the golf course only.”

In addition to the pass, off-base patrons will also be issued a vehicle sticker for easy identification.

“The sticker is issued to make sure those individuals are not in an area of the base other then the golf course,” said Duckworth.

The pass and sticker can only be used traveling to and from the golf course and in the course parking lot, added Duckworth.

The free pass is valid for up to one year and after it expires, the issued card holder has the option to re-new it.

“The pass holder has the option of either paying daily green fees for the course, or they can sign up for a year membership,” said Duckworth.

Although the golf course will have an increase in customers, current members will be a top priority.

“Current patrons, active duty, retirees and Department of Defense civilians, will have priority when making tee times over those with the pass,” said Duckworth. “They should not expect delays regarding tee times.”

Pass holders will be limited to what they will be able to purchase in the shop as well.

“Pass holders will be limited to purchasing food, beverages and convenience items incidental to golf participation, such as golf balls, tees, gloves, etc,” said Duckworth. “They will be able to participate in all of our tournaments except two, the base championship and the club championship. We want to treat them with the respect we show our current customers and make them feel welcome.”

With the hope of increased players, the Fox Run will be able to restore and improve the 5,904 yard, 18-hole course.

“The money that is made by this new change will be put back into the beautification of the course,” said Duckworth.

Duckworth hopes that one outcome of this change leads to the Fox Run and local golf course coming together and sponsoring golf tournaments that both base and local golfers can participate in.

“We would like to partner with various courses around town and host events together,” said Duckworth. “That way our members can play at these courses and their members can play on ours. It is going to be a great thing for the community as a whole.”

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