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Franchise lends hand to veteran-ran businesses

A national franchise is helping veterans become business owners.

The Cleaning Authority has launched a new business opportunity aimed at helping veterans own and operate their own franchise location. Hometown Market is a program to help ambitious entrepreneurs achieve business success in their own hometowns.CleaningAuthorityLogo

“We have a really, really fantastic business model and it’s not what most people think about when they think about the residential cleaning business,” Iric Wexler, The Cleaning Authority’s Vice President of Development, said.

Wexler said the company has 195 business franchisees and a customer base of 90,000 in major markets. They decided to slightly modify their business model to fit the smaller markets, focusing on areas with military bases.

Hometown Market is built to attract those with proven military records of success.

“We want to attract veterans for all the right reasons,” Wexler said. “People who come out of the military have discipline and an understanding of structure. They have been trained and have developed skills to becoming great leaders. That’s what our business is.”

Wexler added the size of Bossier-Shreveport is the right fit for this new business opportunity.

“People who leave the military are often looking for that next career and I think this would be a really good fit for them,” he said.

The Cleaning Authority has sweetened the deal by offering veterans the opportunity to purchase with no money down. Franchise fees are also significantly reduced, and can be financed directly through The Cleaning Authority’s corporate team, rather than through traditional bank-backed lenders.

Veterans can also access an additional 25 percent off the fee through the VetFran program, bringing the total fee to open the franchise to as low as $12,000, a fraction of the amount traditionally associated with owning a residential cleaning franchise.

Wexler said the key components to being a franchisee is finding someone who is ambitious and a leader.

“We want people who want to benefit from their own effort and control their own success,” he said. “They have to be a leader because the key to our business is developing a team – recruiting, hiring, training, managing, motivating – and holding them accountable. Anybody can become a franchisee, but we are looking for folks with the right level of ambition and skills set to develop a team.”

Franchisee opportunities are available immediately. The first step begins with contacting The Cleaning Authority. Wexler said it takes about twelve weeks to complete the process.

Candidates, at that point, are educated on the company’s business model before validating with existing franchisees.

“Through that experience, they are not only validating who we are as a company, but it will validate whether this is the right business model for them,” Wexler said. “This is a great opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. When it’s the right fit, our franchisees do really well for themselves.”

The Cleaning Authority is one of North America’s leading home cleaning franchise brands. For more information, visit www.thecleaningauthority.com/franchise or call Iric Wexler at 866-310-6504.

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