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Free cardio disease screening

The Bossier Council on Aging will offer Cardio Artery Disease Screening, Friday, December 19, at 706 Bearkat Drive, across from Bossier High School, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Cardiodx will offer a gender specific blood test to identify Coronary Artery Disease.  The test is 100% covered by Medicare with absolutely no out of pocket expense.  This is the first gender specific blood test to identify the disease.  This testing opportunity is especially beneficial for women as they are harder to detect when experiencing an actual heart attack.

All persons age 55 and above are invited to attend.  To ensure ample representation please contact Ms. Creswell at the number shown below if attending.  The actual blood test is done on site, and all participants should wear a garment that will allow for the sleeve to roll up.

For additional information, contact the Bossier Council on Aging at (318) 741-8302, or visit the website www.cardiodx.com.

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