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Give for Good day extended due to “technical issues”

Around 8:30 a.m. the Give for Good website (www.giveforgoodnla.org) began experiencing technical issues on the giving website.

These issues happened across the country in communities participating in Give Local America, not just in our community. The Community Foundation began immediate conversations with the Give Local America team. The Community Foundation is dedicated to providing our nonprofits and donors with the best possible giving experience.


Kimbia does believe there is a resolution to the technology issues. The website is progressively improving. The Foundation staff has been in touch with Kimbia and Give Local America and have determined the following is the best way to move forward:


–        As the website issues continue to improve, the Give for Good website will remain open until tomorrow, May 4 at 6 p.m.

–        Nonprofits will also have an extended deadline to submit offline donations they may have received during the period the website was down to The Community Foundation. These donations will be included in the Lagniappe Fund calculation and distribution.

–        To keep the fairness and integrity of the remaining prizes that have not been awarded, we are canceling those prizes and the funds will be rolled into the Lagniappe Fund for distribution.


There are still numerous community events take place this evening and we encourage donors to attend and support our nonprofits.


The most important thing to note is this community’s spirit of perseverance and coming together for good. Generosity always wins!

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