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Give for Good sets record at $1.95 million

Bossier City-based Renesting Project is one of many nonprofits that derive significant funding from the annual Give for Good day.

Renesting Project is top fund raiser in Bossier Parish

Give For Good, created by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana in 2014, has raised $1,959,096 for area nonprofits during its 2020 campaign, a record amount for the event. Give For Good is an annual online giving day that invites everyone to participate in philanthropy and have a hand in transforming our community.

“This year we raised over $600,000 during advanced giving, triple the amount that we’ve seen in scheduled gifts in previous years. We think that opening giving early not only made it more convenient for donors, but also gave the nonprofit organizations more time to engage with current and new donors, resulting in a bigger impact,” said Emily Smith, Director of Marketing and Communication for Community Foundation.

“Due to COVID-19, our nonprofit community is being called upon like never before. We are so appreciative of their work and services and thankful to be a part of a generous community that comes together in this time of need,” Smith added.

In Bossier Parish, the Renesting Project fared particularly well from Give For Good 2020 donation gifts from the community. 

“Renesting Project has always been proud to claim Bossier City, not only as our residence, but our ‘birthplace.’ We were founded right here in Bossier, have enjoyed tremendous growth and witnessed unimaginable generosity in our 10 years of operations.  It is humbling, to be sure,” said Noel Haacker, founder and director of the Renesting Project.

Even during the current economic impact COVID-19 has had on our community. A total of $22,667 dollars was donated to the Renesting Project from Give For Good 2020. 

“People are unsettled, given the current economic climate. Renesting feels particularly blessed to have experienced such generous support from our community.  I believe the Community Foundation surpassed previous years records of donations.  That speaks to the giving spirit and resilience of the people of North Louisiana,” said Haacker.

Donations for the Renesting Project ranged from (smallest donation to largest) [$10.49 – $5,245.00]. Number of donors / number of donations [126 donors / 135 transactions = $22,167] Which means some people donated more than once. 

“Each donor is important, from that donor that gave us $10 to the donor that gifted $5,000.  Each dollar counts, but it is philosopher Aristotle’s concept of the “whole being greater than the sum of its parts” that resonates with me.  It’s about what we can do TOGETHER that speaks so loudly.   Each donor is an important individual and together we make a great team!  We have always been good stewards of our community’s gifts and that has not changed.  Our donors can rest assured, we will continue to serve families and individuals in need as they transition into permanent housing, providing furniture and household items and a sense of home,” said Haacker.

Reflecting on this year’s success, Smith says that the work doesn’t stop here. We as a community still have challenges to face as we work toward rebuilding our region.

“As we reflect on Give For Good, we have two things to mention: First, thank you to all who gave and supported Give For Good in any way! Second, the work doesn’t stop here. We still have challenges to face as we work toward rebuilding our region. But the good news is that we have an incredibly kind and generous community supporting the work and that the Community Foundation and these vital nonprofits will be here every step of the way,” said Smith.

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