Home Life Gold Star winner is ‘Like Disney World every day’

Gold Star winner is ‘Like Disney World every day’


Kathy Ivie exudes everything a parent would want their child’s kindergarten teacher to be. 

The Apollo Elementary educator is described as happy, bubbly, dedicated, inspired, talented and authentic. Her colleagues call her “a delight to those she works with” and one who “makes anything she touches sparkle with charm.” 

“Kathy is one of those remarkable human beings who possesses every quality an educator needs,” wrote Angela Moore. “When Kathy is in charge of anything, you know the result will be stellar. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is one of the most inspiring educators I have ever worked with.” 

Parents sing her praises, too.

Bossier Superintendent Mitch Downey, Ivey, and Bossier Federal Credit Union’s Jill Valentine. (Courtesy photo)

“Kathy has had a profound impact on my son’s education and future,” Erin Hughes shared. “From the time we met Kathy last year, she has given 100-percent of her time and endless hours helping her students both inside and outside of the classroom. My son has special needs and Kathy never gave up on him while we were going through medication adjustments, psychological evaluations and behavioral concerns … She really has played a huge part in helping our son have a strong academic foundation for the rest of his life.” 

Ivie’s love for her profession and the children she teaches is apparent, not only by the glowing nominations submitted on her behalf to win Bossier Schools’ Gold Star award, but also the thunderous applause received when she was named the winner for September at a school-wide assembly. 

“This was never on my radar,” Ivie gushed after the big reveal. “It means the world. It means I feel loved. Appreciated. I feel everything I do is worth it, but I know there are so many educators out there just as deserving … It inspires me to do more and it reminds me don’t ever give up when things get rough, because something good is going to come out of it.”

Ivie has been an educator for 26 years, having taught every grade up to eighth, with the exception of first grade. Kindergarteners, though, are the ones who have stolen her heart.

“I love that we get to take the kiddos where they are and lay the foundation they will carry with them their entire educational career,” Ivie explained. “I love teaching reading and seeing their eyes light up when they read a new word and it opens a whole new world for them. It’s just amazing and so rewarding and worth it.” 

She truly connects with her students, bringing her A-game to the classroom each day, without fail. 

Krystal Shelton said, “I am a parent of three boys. My oldest was in her class and now my middle child is in her class. She has the most loving personality for those students every day. She is like Disney World every day. She has become more than a teacher to my boys. She has become my friend.” 

Apollo Principal Melanie Watts adds it takes a special person to teach kindergarten, and Ivie is the perfect example.

“Mrs. Ivie is so deserving of this Gold Star. She always puts her students first and has a true love for teaching. When students leave her classroom at the end of the year, they have a strong foundation and a love for reading. We are very thankful for all that Mrs. Ivie brings to Apollo.” 

When asked to describe her perfect day as a teacher, Ivie summed it up list this.

“It’s a day you come into the classroom and welcome kids from all walks of life. We create an environment where you make it fun and for them to want to learn. We create a family where every person is valued, and at the end of the day they go home and want to come back the next day to our family.” 

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