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Gov. Edwards Eases Statewide Mask Mandate

Gov. John Bel Edwards announced at his weekly news conference on Tuesday, April 27 that he is amending the statewide mask mandate.

Edwards’ new proclamation, that was signed moments before the news conference, will keep mask requirements in early childhood education facilities, schools, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, public transit vehicles and state government buildings.

“We continue to see several months of sustained decreases in hospitalizations and increases in supplies of the vaccines,” Edwards said. “I think it’s a reflection of where we are at this stage of the pandemic.”

Heads of state agencies not run by the governor can opt out of the mask mandate in state buildings that fall under their authority.

Businesses and local governments can enact their own mask mandates.

Edwards also announced that outdoor events will not have capacity restrictions.

Indoor events will now have the option to go to 75% capacity or 100% with mask enforcement, according to Edwards’ new proclamation.

Salons will also be able to reopen waiting areas under the new order.

The statewide mask mandate easement begins Wednesday, April 28.

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