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Gov. Edwards signs bills into law


Governor John Bel Edwards has signed the following bills into law:

ACT 423HB 39: Provides relative to the maximum benefits for members of the Registrars of Voters Employees’ Retirement System hired on or before December 31, 2012

ACT 424 HB 53: Provides relative to Deferred Retirement Option Plan accounts in the Parochial Employees’ Retirement System and interest on such accounts

ACT 425HB 123: Requires high schools to keep automated external defibrillators on their premises

ACT 426HB 135: Provides for the reporting of information concerning persons prohibited from possessing firearms

ACT 427HB 144: Removes requirement of an affidavit and instead requires a certification to accompany Tier 1 and Tier 2 personal financial disclosure statements

ACT 428HB 198: Adds two ex officio members affiliated with the La. District Attorneys Association to the council of the Louisiana State Law Institute

ACT 429HB 206: Provides for an automobile expense allowance for the assessors in Assumption, Iberville, and Pointe Coupee parishes

ACT 430HB 241: Relative to administrative and budgetary services for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

ACT 431HB 244: Extends term limit for South Tangipahoa Parish Port Commission to three full terms

ACT 432HB 410: Provides relative to the calculation of child support when the parents have shared or split custody

ACT 433HB 431: Increases and provides for inspection and supervision fees for common and contract motor carriers and public utilities

ACT 434HB 449: Provides for the completion of a birth certificate

ACT 435HB 464: Provides for pipeline safety inspection fees

ACT 436HB 518: Provides relative to information concerning the fitness of a person to be certified by the Board of Examiners of Certified Shorthand Reporters

ACT 437HB 546: Creates the crime of homestead exemption fraud

ACT 438HB 602: Provides relative to notary exam and study material fees

ACT 439HB 670: Provides for a temporary waiver for individual sewerage systems in parishes of a certain size

ACT 440HB 685: Requires certain test results to be submitted to OMV electronically

ACT 441HB 704: Authorizes night movement of permitted vehicles on interstate highways

ACT 442HB 714: Provides relative to the Business Corporation Act

ACT 443HB 722: Provides relative to registration of certain online hotel marketplaces with the Dept. of Revenue

ACT 444HB 729: Provides relative to nonprofit water utility cooperatives wholly owned by water users

ACT 445HB 751: Increases penalties for noncompliance with the compulsory seat belt law

ACT 446HB 756: Requires the electronic filing of certain claims for refunds

ACT 447HB 787: Provides relative to the Wedgewood Crime Prevention and Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish

ACT 448HB 832: Provides for exemptions relative to the Department of Insurance and certain provisions applicable to employment and criminal records

ACT 449HB 834: Authorizes temporary deferral of court costs by certain governmental parties and agents and provides for the collection of such deferred costs

ACT 450HB 898: Changes the definition of motor vehicles relative to the prohibition on purchasing motor vehicles with campaign funds to provide that such prohibition does not apply to trailers

ACT 451HB 900: Authorizes an increase in fees collected by the Department of Environmental Quality

ACT 452HB 931: Amends provisions of law regarding domestic abuse battery

ACT 453HB 937: Provides relative to background checks of certain persons who perform services relative to motor vehicles

ACT 454HB 964: Provides relative to the treatment and care of students with diabetes

ACT 455HB 989: Provides relative to tuition and fees applicable to nonresident students

ACT 456HB 1013: Changes the requirements for transferring ownership of a motor vehicle, which is declared a total loss, to an insurance company

ACT 457HB 1056: Provides relative to the New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority Economic Growth and Development District

ACT 458HB 1057: Provides for conditions that may be placed on the transfer of roads from the state highway system to a parish or municipality

ACT 459HB 1087: Provides relative to the Lafourche Basin Levee District

ACT 460HB 1093: Provides with respect to reporting requirements of the legislative auditor regarding public retirement systems

ACT 461HB 1103: Provides relative to extensions of time for filing Louisiana individual income tax returns

ACT 462HB 1133: Provides relative to revisions of the Amusement Rides Safety Law

ACT 463HB 1142: Provides for unemployment compensation for military spouses who resign employment to relocate pursuant to a permanent change of station order

ACT 464HB 1150: Provides relative to the disposition of land acquired by the Department of Transportation and Development

ACT 465HB 1155: Provides with respect to temporary concealed carry permits for certain victims of domestic violence

ACT 466HB 1156: Provides relative to the reduction of teacher salaries under certain circumstances

ACT 467HB 1157: Provides relative to the Medicaid provider claims review process

ACT 468HB 1165: Exempts mobile construction equipment from compulsory motor vehicle security requirements

ACT 469SB 24: Provides relative to parole eligibility

ACT 470SB 44: Provides for workers’ compensation insurance premium reductions to certain employers

ACT 471 SB 47: Provides that it is the legal duty of the attorney general to represent deputy constables

ACT 472SB 91: Increases penalties for texting or using social media while driving

ACT 473SB 109: Provides for confidentiality of applications and client case records for child care assistance clients

ACT 474SB 150: Provides relative to mandatory bail hearings for certain defendants

ACT 475SB 172: Provides for persons authorized to sign forms for issuance of special license plates or hang tags for mobility impaired persons

ACT 476SB 173: Provides for the attorney general to provide legal representation to parish judges

ACT 477SB 215: Provides relative to appeals by tobacco permit holders

ACT 478SB 223: Provides relative the La. Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

ACT 479SB 268: Establishes a fixed period after establishing residency in Louisiana to have a vehicle registered and inspected

ACT 480SB 270: Provides relative to student data privacy

ACT 481SB 273: Authorizes the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission to issue additional toll bonds

ACT 482SB 275: Requires cursive writing be taught in public schools

ACT 483SB 295: Provides relative to non-gaming economic development by the casino operator

ACT 484SB 296: Provides for the transfer of the Jackson Avenue Ferry Terminal

ACT 485SB 310: Requires the Dept. of Education to collect and report certain special education data

ACT 486SB 360: Provides for the Louisiana Physician Order for Scope of Treatment (LaPOST) form

ACT 487SB 390: Adds members to the Saline Lake Game and Fish Preserve Commission and to the Northwest Louisiana Game and Fish Preserve Commission

ACT 488SB 394: Provides relative to unlawful playing of gaming devices by persons under the age of 21

ACT 489SB 419: Authorizes changes in the factors used in professional services selection committee decisions

ACT 490SB 464: Authorizes the governing authority of certain municipalities to use proceeds of an additional sales tax as needed

ACT 491SB 471: Provides relative to Louisiana State Board of Dentistry

ACT 492SB 474: Names a certain complex of state buildings and area in the city of Lafayette the Edgar G. “Sonny” Mouton, Jr. Sports and Entertainment Plaza

ACT 493SB 475: Creates the Ambulance Transfer Alternatives Task Force

ACT 494HB 1102: Provides relative to gestational carriers

ACT 495HB 150: Provides relative to children conceived through gamete donation

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