Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Governor Landry Signs “Dream Big” Education Plan into Law

by BPT Staff
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Today, surrounded by legislators, educators, school kids, and community leaders, Governor Jeff Landry signed into law monumental bills that will transform our education system and bring back common sense in our classrooms.  

Governor signed the LA Gator Scholarship Program into law, which ensures every child has the opportunity of a great education, regardless of where they live. Governor Landry’s Louisiana GATOR (Give All a True Opportunity to Rise) scholarships will allow parents to choose the school that best suits their child’s needs. GATOR Scholarships provide parents with a scholarship account that allows them to customize their child’s education. These scholarship accounts can be used for school tuition and fees, tutoring, educational therapies, textbooks and curricula, dual enrollment courses, uniforms, and transportation. 

Also signed into law today were common sense bills that prioritizes learning over government bureaucracy, returns our curriculum back to the basics, and allows our teachers to teach.  

HB 46, Rep. Edmonston: Removes Covid-19 vaccine requirement 

HB 47, Rep. Edmonston: School immunization communications 

HB 908, Rep. Amedee: Prohibits discrimination based off vaccination status 

HB 320, Rep. Owen: Let Teachers Teach 

HB 121, Rep. Crews: Requires parental consent for preferred pronouns 

HB 122, Rep. Horton: Let Kids be Kids 

SB 205, Sen. Miguez: Teacher compensation  

HB 334, Rep. Amedee: Chaplains 

SB 508, Sen. McMath: Tutoring  

HB 244, Sen. Hughes: Literacy 

HB 267, Rep. Carver: Numeracy  

HB 644, Rep. Dickerson: Home study 

HB 967, Rep. Riser: Teacher retirement 

HB 647, Rep. Romero: Teacher regulations 

HB 424, Rep. Phelps: Grading scale 

HB 940, Rep. Turner: Deferred maintenance  

HB 71, Rep. Horton: Ten Commandments 

SB 313, Sen. Edmonds: Education Scholarship Accounts  

“Today, we fulfilled our promise to bring drastic reform to our education system and bring common sense back to our classrooms. A strong education system leads to a strong economy and a strong state. Our historic Dream Big Package puts the focus back on our kids, and allows Louisiana to follow in the footsteps of our neighbors in the South. I am thankful to the legislature for their commitment to making the education system in Louisiana one that students, parents, and teachers can all be proud of,” said Governor Jeff Landry.

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