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Grant boosts Parkway, Bossier High Schools

Dale Fleury, NMSI Senior Director of Programs, hands Parkway Principal Dr. Nichole Bourgeois and Bossier Principal David Thrash checks for their shared grant amount. The two Bossier Parish high schools will share more than $900,000 to expand Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings.

Department of Defense Educational Activity Fund awards $918,618 for AP expansion

Two Bossier Schools have been chosen by the National Math and Science Initiative to receive a grant to expand Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings.

Bossier High and Parkway High, two military connected schools, will share a $918,618 grant, made possible by the Department of Defense Educational Activity Fund. The grant will serve as the catalyst for NMSI’s College Readiness Program, which includes open enrollment in rigorous AP math, science and English classes for all eligible students, whether military dependents or not.

“This grant is a giant step in the right direction. The door to more opportunities just opened to them,” Superintendent D.C. Machen said. “This collaboration will not only provide the venue for each of these schools to dramatically increase the number of students pursuing Advance Placement Courses and achieve the highest rankings on their accompanying AP Exams, but will provide enhanced training, resources, and initiatives to improve the quality of instruction for a large pool of educators within our system.”

Bossier Schools are the first district in Louisiana to be chosen for this financial award. The NMSI College Readiness Program has proven to be transformative, both in closing achievement gaps and fostering increased interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines.

By giving students the opportunity to take college-level courses and master the material by equipping them with needed resources, they gain not only college credit but are also more likely to succeed in college.

Dale Fleury, NMSI Senior Director of Programs, had a direct message for the students of Bossier Parish.

“It’s about you. [The school system] believes in you and they believe in this program. This will help your future, your careers and it will help the United States as a whole,” Fleury said. “You’re going to get more help than you ever asked for and all you have to do is ask.”

In addition, the NMSI program provides training and support not only for educators at Bossier and Parkway High, but also their feeder schools to create a pipeline that prepares students for the rigor of AP course work. Another facet to the grant is financial incentives are awarded to teachers, students, administrators and schools for measurable achievement.

Gregg Fleisher, NMSI Chief Academic Officer, added “NMSI’s College Readiness Program has been proven to increase students’ chances of a college degree in STEM related fields, and we couldn’t be more pleased to support Barksdale Air Force Base and the Bossier and Parkway communities.”

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