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Greenacres Middle School celebrates its 60th birthday

Greenacres Middle School Principal Arthur James was presented with a commemorative picture blending past and present during a celebration Oct. 25. (Stacey Tinsley/Press-Tribune)

Students and faculty at Greenacres Middle School (GMS) celebrated 60 years of Mustang Pride Friday during a very special celebration assembly called “Bringing Back the 60’s.” 

Students and faculty were treated to hear from a former mustang principal, Kathy Bouck, about the history of GMS. 

“A few years before GMS opened its doors in 1959, this all was just farmland for miles around. A local man who owned it, donated it so the parish could build a school. Having been a graduate of Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, his only condition upon donating it was that it have a mustang for its mascot and retain SMU’s colors of blue and red,” Bouck said.

Mrs. Bouck came to GMS in 1991 from Texas, where she was working as a school counselor. She taught eighth grade English until she was awarded a counselor position in 1993. Five years later in 1998, she became the assistant principal at GMS and then in 2004 was selected to be the principal. She was the school’s principal for 11 years before retiring in 2015.

“Everything you see around you has grown and developed from a small school on a piece of farmland to the learning complex you see today,” she added. “It has been a product of the hard work of the community, its administrators and teachers throughout the years to give you, the students, the boost you need to carry you into high school and to your careers beyond.”

Upon conclusion of the celebration, students presented GMS Principal Arthur James with a commemorative picture, which blends GMS of 60 years ago with that of today.

“This is a proud day for us,” said James,”60 years is a long time to be in existence. From the two buildings early on to where we are today and the number of students that we have, the diversity that we have, and the strides that we have made thus far — we continue to strive to do better things as we move forward.”

During the celebratory assembly, students were entertained by the GMS Choir, cheerleaders, and Prancers. 

Keeping with the theme of the 60‘s, the GMS Choir performed “Reach Out, I’ll be there,” a No. 1 pop hit from 1966 performed by the Four Tops. GMS Choir student, Austin Miles, was the featured soloist.

All photos by Stacey Tinsley/Press-Tribune:

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