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Hanna: Trump the brawler


President Donald Trump can rest assured no one will ever accuse him of parroting John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan or any other U.S. president whose inaugural speech got high marks from academia, elitists or the ruling class.

In a manner and tone that only Trump could deliver, the new president’s inaugural remarks last week were an in-your-face, call to arms to inform the world that a “new sheriff” was in town.  It was refreshing.

The talking heads on television, sans the Fox News network, didn’t care for Trump’s throw down.

NBC’s Chuck Todd described it as “shockingly divisive.”  Rachel Maddow of MSNBC said the speech was “militant and it was dark.”  Maddow’s cohort at MSNBC, Chris Matthews, compared Trump to a former royal family from Russia, the Romanovs, who were murdered during the communist revolution.   Terry Moran of ABC whined about the “overtones” of Trump’s speech and went so far as to describe them as “anti-Semitic.”  Never mind that Trump’s daughter is married to a Jew and his grandchildren are Jewish.

Over at CBS, Scott Pelley said the speech reflected a “philosophy from the early days of the Republic.”  I’m not so sure what Pelley meant by that remark, but I would remind him that a revolution every couple of hundred years is a good thing, as Thomas Jefferson said.

Not to be outdone by their peers on TV, the so-called print media was just as bombastic.  Like the mouthpieces on television, print journalists had a problem with Trump insisting that America start putting “America first.”  Trump’s remark about America being in a state of “carnage” apparently didn’t sit well with them either.

Paul Krugman of The New York Times described Trump’s speech as “lurid” and “ghastly.”  Richard Cohen of The Times claimed Trump’s “American carnage” remark deployed “the dangerous lexicon of blood, soil and nation.”  Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post said Trump was “Messianic.”  Weingarten also sniped about the number of prayers at the inaugural.  He described it as too much “Jesusing.”

In some strange fashion, the same members of the media, or their employers, who blistered Trump for correctly claiming America is in a state of “carnage” or for suggesting that we Americans start putting “America first,” didn’t offer one negative comment about the Women’s March on Washington over the weekend.  Not one.

That would be the same Women’s March on Washington that was partly spearheaded by Linda Sarsour.  An anti-Semite, Sarsour is the head of the Arab American Association of New York.  She’s also an advocate of Sharia law, which seems a bit odd since Sharia law denies women the same rights as men.

If there was any doubt that the Women’s March on Washington, as well as the women’s marches elsewhere around the country over weekend including one in Ouachita Parish, had absolutely nothing to do with women’s rights but instead was nothing more than a Leftist temper tantrum, ask yourself why pro-life women’s groups were not allowed to participate in the march in our nation’s capital.

While it’s obvious Trump recognizes it, the new president will never in a million years get a fair shake from the media.  That was obvious long ago, and as we pointed out months ago in an editorial on this page, the mainstream media (MSM) have played a pivotal role in helping along many of the problems America faces today.  They participated by turning a blind eye to the “carnage” President Obama created.  The phrase “corrupt media” comes to mind.

And the mainstream media, regardless of how its members justify their behavior, do the country a disservice by allowing personal views to infiltrate their so-called reporting.  Reporting it is not.  Just like this column is no news report.  It’s an opinion piece, which is published on an opinion page, not on page one of this newspaper or on some other page in the paper that we earmark for “news” stories.

In September, a Gallup poll revealed that only 32 percent of Americans have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.  At 32 percent, that’s the lowest it’s ever been in the history of Gallup polling.

That’s remarkable.

The irony of it all is the mainstream media and their allies on the Left criticize Trump for bypassing the press by taking to Twitter to communicate with the American people.

Can you blame him?

Then again, no one will ever accuse Trump of parroting John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. He’s a brawler, and he’s just what the country needs.

Sam Hanna Jr. is publisher of The Ouachita Citizen, and he serves in an editorial/management capacity with The Concordia Sentinel and The Franklin Sun. He can be reached at samhannajr@samhannajr.com

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