Update: Things looking much better for Haughton coach Guin


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TUESDAY, APRIL 29 UPDATE: According to Facebook post by his daughter Mallory, doctors are now expecting Haughton head football coach Rodney Guin to make a full recovery from a heart attack he suffered early Saturday morning after returning from a softball playoff game in New Orleans.

Guin spent his second day Tuesday at the Baylor Universit Medical Center in Dallas

Mallory Guin’s Facebook post: “We got some great information today. Transplants have been taken off the table for right now. We are hoping to get him off of the ECMO machine slowly. The doctors and nurses are EXPECTING a full recovery, not just hoping for one. We are loving the staff here and feel SO lucky to have been referred here. He has a long, long way to go, but we feel certain God has a plan to get him back to being Coach Guin.”


MONDAY, APRIL 28 UPDATE: Haughton coach Rodney Guin, who suffered a major heart attack early Saturday morning, is now at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas after being airlifted there from Willis-Knighton North Sunday.

In Facebook posts, Guin’s family said he remains stable.

The family said they have been able to see hm, and Guin’s daughter Maggie said he opened his eyes. ———-SUNDAY UPDATE: According to a source close to the situation, Haughton head football coach Rodney Guin is showing signs of improvement after suffering a heart attack early Saturday morning.

All of his major organs have  shown improvement, and at one point Saturday night he opened his eyes.

The plan is to transport him to Dallas Monday Morning. Saturday afternoon, it appeared Guin’s only option was a heart transplant. Now doctors are considering other options.

Guin’s daughter Maggie said in a Sunday post on Facebook that her father is “still not out of the woods but ya’ll the Lord is covering him.”


Haughton head football coach Rodney Guin was in critical condition Saturday evening after suffering a heart attack early Saturday morning.

According to sources, Guin could be flown to Dallas for an emergency heart transplant as soon as Sunday. Guin underwent four hours of surgery at Willis-Knighton North.

According to a source close to the situation, his surgery went well and his vital signs were improved. Earlier Saturday, his vital signs were unstable, rising and falling.

Guin’s daughter, Maggie Guin, said the surgery went “perfectly” in a Facebook post just before 7 p.m. Saturday.  “24 hours of good signs and we’re headed to Dallas to get him a new heart,” the post said. “Thankful for each and every prayer.”

Guin, 53, suffered the heart attack after returning home from New Orleans where he attended Haughton’s softball game against Mt. Carmel.

Guin has been at Haughton for more than 20 years as an assistant and head coach.

Guin completed his 14th year as head coach in 2013. He is the winningest coach in school history with a record of 111-49.