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Haughton park project

Haughton High School senior Alexander Montegna presented a check to the town for construction of the Joe Delaney Park earlier this month after raising $800 through a benefit concert. Pictured left to right: Mayor Carlton “PeeWee” Anderson, Alexander Montegna, Alderwoman Martha McGee, and Alex’s Mentor Phil McMillian.

Senior project concert raises $800 for town’s Joe Delaney memorial park

Thanks to the efforts of a Haughton High School senior, a long awaited park will become a reality for the Town of Haughton.

Six acres of land was recently acquired for a community green space, which will be turned into Joe Delaney Memorial Park, after the town’s hero. The park will be built across the street from a subdivision on North Hazel Street. Three acres were donated by local builder Sam Pullig and the other three acres were purchased by the town.

The park had long been proposed but, due to a lack of space and funding, sat in waiting for years.

Enter Haughton High School senior Alexander Montegna, 19. He held a benefit concert as part of his senior project to help build the park.

The concert was held April 4 at Eastwood Baptist Church on U.S. 80 in Haughton. Tickets were sold for $5 and all proceeds went to the Joe Delaney Memorial Park. Earlier this month, he delivered the $800 he raised from selling tickets for the benefit concert to the town.

The park will honor the memory of Joe Delaney, a Haughton High School graduate, who went on to play football in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs during the 1980s.

He tragically died in 1983 trying to save three kids from drowning at a park in Monroe.

Several years ago, the town built a park to honor the athlete, but town leaders sold it to the school board and sought a location to make a proper memorial park. After some public outcry for movement on the proposed park to both be utilized by town residents and honor Delaney, it appears the park is coming into view.

“The Town of Haughton is very proud to have a young man of Mr. Montegna’s integrity support a project that is so dear to the Town’s heart,” the town said via email.

Development of the land is  in the beginning stages and the park’s plans are currently being finalized.

Alexander would like to thank the following people and businesses for supporting his senior project: his mentor Phil McMIllian and Family, Music Director of Eastwood Baptist Church Don Francis and Family, performers — Ms. Kristen Pratt, Chris Wiley, Paige Lawrence, and Emily Golding, Mark “Stetson” Davis, Thomas White, Sara Burkhalter, Eric Panell, Jessica Tabor, Cody Jones, Daniel Bingham, Jacob Fields, and Austin Ramsey — Joe Delaney’s Family, Ken and June Swiatowicz, Linda Davis, Eastwood Baptist Church, Roxanne Stuteville, JoAnn Brazzle, Mayor Carlton “Pee Wee” Anderson, Jerry and Jeanette Fenton, George Delaney, Alderman Martha McGee of Haughton, Claudine Bond, Willie Delaney,  John Crow and Family, Phillip Bush, E. Delaney, Star Donuts and customers, Richey Jackson, Kashi Delaney Brison, Buc Stop and customers, Ricky Howard, Mrs. Glasscock and Family, Tina Jolley and Family, Dale Earley, New Hope Baptist Church, Colleen Goodman, Darren Hicks, S. Hargrove, Peggy Lindsey, Eric Sears and Family, Bobby Kennon, Marilyn Joy Rech, Coach Melton and Family, V. Kirchoff, Karen Cordell, John Fuller, Jim Hulbin, Deborah Harville, Cooper Bozarth and Family, Mr. Kevin Williams, Cecil and Joan Strickland, Michelle Tabor and Family, Mr. Joel Burris, Betty Sowa and Family, Elbert Winfield, Tyler Wise, John Montegna and Family, Ellie Allemand, Dustin Smith, Raymond and Sheila Shewmake, Jose Zeda, Savannah Gray, Frances Barefield and Family, John Griffin, Blake Langford, Les Navarro, Lindsey Edwina, Haughton High School, R. Monroe, Susie Delrie, Kathy Plante, Eric Nelson, Phil Blaufuss, Ms. Weaver, Diane Furhman and Family, Bobby Morgan, Al Garcia, Ronnie and Judy Jones, Keith Cosby, Jacob Webb, Rachel Stroud, Laurie Juhl and Jan Strong.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.