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Haughton Police Chief Q&A pt. 2

Amanda Simmons

The Town of Haughton will have a new police chief once the ballots from the Nov. 8 election are counted.

Residents will have three choices —Wayne Berry, Ronald “Todd” Gibson, and Adrian Ruffin.

In the Oct. 26, edition, The Bossier Press-Tribune was able to speak with Barry and Gibson. This week, we turn to Adrian Ruffin. We asked:

1. Why are you running for Police Chief?

2. What will be your priority for the town and why?

3. What do you want to say to potential voters?

You can read his responses below:

1. I am running because of my experience in dealing with the community. My platform is community oriented policing. I want to close the gap between the community and the police department. I also want to bring in technology to the police department. I was born and raised here in the town of Haughton. With my knowledge and experience, I want to help my community.

2. My priority will be the community. That is my number one priority. Also, I want to evaluate our training and bring in new, diverse training.

3. If I am elected police chief, I will be focused on community oriented policing. I will be for the people and I will do the job with integrity and honesty. I will have an open door policy. You won’t need to make an appointment to come see me. It will be like I’m part of your family. I will make sure the police department and its officers are operating at high standards. The community will be my priority. The department and community have good relations, but My plan is to make those stronger.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.


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