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Health groups should stop efforts to legalize marijuana


I read with much interest the letter from Dr. Torrie T. Harris applauding CVS for their decision to quit selling tobacco products.

It amazes me that the division director, community health & TFL, Louisiana Public Health Institute of New Orleans and all the other groups mentioned in same article are trying to outlaw tobacco products for a “Tobacco-Free Living”, but none of them are taking any efforts to stop the Legalizing of smoking marijuana! I would really like to know how smoking marijuana will fit into their “Smoke free” campaign. What in the world is healthy about smoking marijuana? Where are the “health police”? Why are they not talking about all the problems marijuana will cause and the costs that will go along with it?

As for “medicinal” marijuana – It is amazing how many proclaim they need it for “medicinal”, when in fact they have no medical problem.

Come on people – we don’t need these people driving around or working next to us while they’re floating around from getting high!

I pray that we have enough wise leaders to not give in to this JOKE and vote against our state of Louisiana being drawn into this mockery!

And my disgust at THE TIMES for endorsement of marijuana. The paper I have subscribed to and paid for all these years. I suppose the intention is to trade the taxes made from tobacco for taxes make from a different kind of smoke! What a deal!

Also the State needs to test Welfare recipients and if they are using drugs the tax payers don’t need to take care of them.

Outlaw tobacco and legalize marijuana – makes no sense at all!



Susan T. Hernandez

Haughton, LA

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.