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Heide Anderson earns a Gold Star

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Submitted by Sonja Bailes,  Public Relations Liaison for Bossier Schools

If ever there was someone who checked all the boxes as the perfect employee, parent, volunteer and friend, it is Heide Anderson.

Even though her two children have long since graduated from Benton High, Anderson is still just as involved. She drives a bus for Bossier Schools. After drop-off in the mornings, Anderson is more often than not found in a classroom at Benton, where she substitute teaches.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

She then drives her afternoon route and just when you would think Anderson would go home to rest her feet, she returns to campus.

“After work hours, she volunteers to help the various sporting teams by selling concessions at the basketball games, selling tickets at football games, donating the cow for the baseball/wrestling cow chip bingo fundraiser and attends the school musical, just to name a few,” one person wrote, who nominated Anderson for Bossier Schools’ Gold Star exemplary employee award.

The letter continued, “She volunteers her driving services for the local 4-H program by driving 4-H groups to different camps and activities on weekends, summer and even school holidays.”

Hands down, Heide Anderson is the perfect parent/employee/volunteer who has great love for the community of Benton and Bossier Parish. It is also a no-brainer why the Gold Star judging committee chose her as the March recipient of the Gold Star award.

She was surprised by Principal Mitch Downey, a representative from Gold Star sponsor Bossier Federal Credit Union and others while substitute teaching in a JROTC class. After drying her tears, Anderson explained why she gives so much of herself.

“I’ve been a single mom for 22 years and 4-H and Benton (schools) did a lot for my kids when I couldn’t, so I can’t help but give back,” she said.

“She’s totally invested in this community,” said Principal Mitch Downey. “She’s also heavily involved in ROTC and never complains. She goes and seeks out opportunities to help.”

Downey went further to explain when Benton High’s JROTC program was up for review three years ago by headquarters, the school was short one instructor. Anderson happily stepped up to the plate.

“It’s unheard of to have someone come in and fill in in that capacity,” Downey said. “We were extremely concerned about being one instructor short and she performed like a champion.”

“And we received outstanding ratings and a lot of that had to do with her support of our program,” added Benton JROTC Instructor MSgt. Dave Milner. He joked, “If Mr. Downey needed a sub, he’d call Heide!”

One person, who did not wish for their name to be disclosed, summed it up this way.

“Heide is known to be one of the most hard working, dependable and loyal employees that all who work with her absolutely adore.”

Congratulations to Heide Anderson, the perennial parent, perfect employee and volunteer who Bossier Schools appreciates. You deserve this Gold Star!

Know an exemplary employee of Bossier Schools who goes above and beyond? Nominate them for the Gold Star award. It is as easy as going to www.bossierschools.org and clicking on the gold star icon at the top right of the page. The deadline for nominees is April 1.

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