The candidate we supported and voted for to represent District 36 in the State Senate was defeated by only a few hundred votes.

I want to publicly thank Rep. Henry Burns for showing his good character in this political campaign. He told us how he wanted to represent us and we didn’t hear him talk negativity about his opponents. We thank him so much for running a clean campaign and we thank him for all of his work as our State Representative.

We know for sure that he will be blessed for all of his hard work. We look forward to capable hands taking over where Henry left off, Dodie Horton.

Congratulations to Dodie and we know she will keep the same high standards that the State Representative District 9 office has practiced the last 8 years.

We appreciate both Henry Burns’ and Dodie Horton’s friendship and hard work.

Susan and Manuel Hernandez
Haughton, LA

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