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High school bowling: Airline, Parkway, Haughton, Benton post victories


Airline, Parkway, Haughton and Benton posted victories in high school bowling action Monday.

In girls games, Airline downed Benton 20-7, Parkway topped Bossier 26-1 and Byrd defeated Captain Shreve 22-5.

In boys games, Airline defeated Loyola 26-1, Haughton downed Bossier 24-3, Benton dropped Captain Shreve 20.5-6.5, Parkway topped Minden 20-7 and Byrd defeated Huntington 24-3.

Katie Black led the Parkway girls with a high game of 237 and series of 582. Traclyn Bell had a 204 high game and Shea Sherrick bowled a 141.

Breeana Lewis had Bossier’s high game of  135 and series of 326. Karlie Jackson bowled a 116 high game and Sierra Taylor a 107.

Trista Quinley led Airline with a 203 high game  and 531 series. Jayda Ellison had a 167 high game and Madison Raab a 164.

Hannah Parker topped Benton with a 205 high game and 538 series. Caitlin Lawrence bowled a 173 high game and Alexa Guajardo a 161.

Benton’s John Norris was the only bowler on the day with a 600-plus series. He led the Tigers with a 606 (233-191-182).

Benton’s Anthony Leon and Parker King had high games of 166 and 156, respectively.

Jakeb Ciffullo paced the Haughton boys with a 193 high game, part of a 503 series. Cameron Stone had a 180 high game and Cameron Silba bowled a 162.

Chris Whisnant had Bossier’s high game of 160 and series of 399. Nick Thomas and Jailand Shiflett had high games of 141 and 126, respectively.

Gage Moore led Airline with a 522 series, including a 191 high game. Chris Kouba bowled a high game of 176 and Cody Shows had a 167.

Xavier Harris bowled Parkway’s high series of  414, including a 143. Jacob Turner had the Panthers’ high game of 165. Zach Posey bowled a 142 high game.

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