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History: 1930 Bossier Parish School Board and sour cream

In 1930 the Bossier Parish School Board was involved in a plan to set up cream routes for the entire parish. The August 14, 1930 issue of The Bossier Banner explained.


“We are pleased to give below a contribution from Mr. H. F. Spencer, Demonstration Agent for Bossier Parish, which touches upon a new thought for the home people, the development of which may, and should, lead to the establishment of an industry that will yield a profit. Mr. Spencer says:”


As evidence of the growing interest in the milk cow, the Bossier Parish School Board held a special meeting Monday to discuss plans and ways of aiding the farmers of the parish in the marketing of sour cream. All members of the Board were very much interested in the movement, and have agreed to equip their school buses with racks for the transporting of cans of cream and other farm produce to the high school agricultural departments. The departments, in turn, will see to the proper disposal of the cream brought in.


Also, the presiding officer of the School Board appointed a committee of three to take this matter up with the Police Jury and solicit their aid and cooperation in promoting the work.


Am glad to see the School Board taking such stand in this matter, and believe like cooperation on the part of all our public and civic organizations throughout the parish will result in getting something started that will be permanent, and well worth the cost to the people of the parish.


Details of the place of collecting, distribution and sale of cream are being worked out and will be announced as soon as all arrangements for handling cream have been completed.


Two weeks later The Bossier Banner reported that the details of marketing sour cream for Bossier Parish school patrons had been worked out. The manager of the Claiborne Cooperative Creamery had agreed that his company would take all sour cream from Haughton, Benton and Plain Dealing, paying the highest possible market prices.


The article continued “All is in readiness now for starting sour cream shipping. Let every Bossier Parish farmer get in touch with his nearest high school authorities for directing information.”


“It is very desirable that as many as desire to sell cream get lined up before school starts.” Pay checks were promised to farmers a few days after the first shipment.


“Mr. H. F. Spencer will be glad to assist in cover crop plantings for winter grazing. Messrs. Jackson Jacobs and Roberson will have all arrangements ready for the shipping of cream.”


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