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History: Bossier City forsees growth in 1926

The February 11, 1926 issue of the Bossier Banner reported on the suggestion that Bossier City needed a savings and loan association.


“It has been suggested that one of the immediate needs of Bossier City is a building and loan association and Mayor Tom Hickman, Mr. Albert Dupuy, Dr. S. E. Prince, Dr. A. M. Eichelberger, and other representative residents of our town have interested themselves in this direction.  A subscription list has been passed around with a view of learning how many would take stock and in what amounts, and the promoters have met with sufficient encouragement to more than warrant their further efforts.”
“For several years past new buildings, both in the downtown and residence section of our town have sprung up with clock-like regularity.  The building program is not interrupted with the coming and going of seasons, but goes steadily on year in and year out.  Some of our most substantial residents have purchased lots and erected on them rent houses thus in a measure taking care of the demand for places in which to live, but this within itself is not sufficient.  It is recognized that many people at the head of families are averse to paying rent, preferring –if they must make stated payments to another—to pay in the way of installments on a home that is to be theirs when the last installment is met.  It is recognized that building and loan association would more nearly meet this exigency and the time for its organization would seem the present.”


“In fact, as is claimed by those in a position to know, the time is ripe for such an organization as is here suggested to step in and give a hand in the growth of our busy and thriving little town, as well as to share in its general prosperity.  Within a year there should be on its list a hundred homes, and with this number of working clients in hand, a capitalization not unwieldy, backed by a country at present so prosperous that loans to the organization would come easy, there is every reason to believe that a building and loan association here would pay good dividends almost from the very date of its organization.”


“There is a demand for houses at all times, and, better still, there is a demand for HOMES.  It is the home-builder rather than the house hunter we should invite.   In other words, we should seek to build permanently.  Shreveport is fairly well supplied with rent houses and its new subdivisions are further and further removed from its downtown section.  Bossier City is just across the river from the city’s business center and is in line at present to take care of more of its better class of working people than at any time during the past.  We now have waterworks and all other city conveniences and, with a free bridge linking the two towns the time is opportune to strive for a greater and more substantial growth.  Let’s whirl in and do it.  Let’s perfect the organization of the suggested building and loan association this spring and thus learn the potential possibilities of our town.”


Bossier City has certainly fulfilled its potential possibilities and then some.  To learn more about the growth of Bossier City through the years visit the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center.

Ann Middleton is Director of the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center. She can be reached at (318) 746-7717 or amiddlet@state.lib.la.us

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