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History in the making

Amanda Simmons/Press-Tribune | This photo taken June 201, 2016 shows the demolition progress at Airline High School.

Airline High School is tearing down its past to make room for its future.

Demolition began last week on the school’s E-Wing, located on the north side of the campus. A small group gathered to watch the building come down, sparking mixed emotions as a big piece of the school’s history crumbled to the ground.

“It’s bittersweet,” Airline Principal Jason Rowland said, acknowledging the building’s 52 year history in Bossier City. “We can’t progress any further until we do some demolition.”

This demolition phase will make room for a new three-story, 36-classroom wing. An opening date has been set for July 2017.

This will be the second three-story classroom wing built on Airline’s campus.

The first is located on the south side of campus and will be completed this month.
A total of 58,012 square feet will be demolished between the E and F wings. However, the new M and N wings will be constructed with a total of 108,228 square feet, representing 54 news classrooms, eight new computer labs, and 10 new science labs.

The school’s administration/media center/student commons area is also getting a facelift. An existing 23,961 square feet of space will be renovated and another 3,866 square feet will be added.

Rowland said he’s excited to see how the school will look once the projects are completed.

“It’s going to be different when the students come back,” he said. “We’re going to be uncomfortable for the next school year trying to go around the obstacles here, but it should be a lot of fun. We embrace the challenge.”

School officials say the new classroom wings will accommodate up to 2,000 students in the expanded classroom space.

Amanda Simmons/Press-Tribune
Amanda Simmons/Press-Tribune
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