The Bossier Banner supported the formation of a waterworks for Benton in its January 21, 1937 issue.

“That Benton needs a village-owned waterworks seems to be the consensus of opinion of all our citizens. Independently owned water systems are bit satisfactory for several reasons. They do not provide a sufficient amount of pressure to satisfy all persons who may be using them; hot, dry weather often brings a scarcity of water, and little or no fire protection is afforded.”

“During the past few days we have had occasion to discuss this matter with a number of citizen-taxpayers. To a person they have declared themselves ready and willing to vote in favor of raising taxes, to float a bond issue, thereby making possible the installation of a village water system.”

“Many of these citizens have their own private waters wells and systems. They do not need water for themselves. However, they realize that the town needs a waterworks and they appreciate the fact that in most instances business concerns would save more on reduced insurance rates than they would pay in taxes.”

“Now seems to be the right time for our Mayor and Aldermen to take some action. They should at once meet and call for a vote on the proposition. Benton cannot hope to grow very much more unless a water system is put in, nor can those of us who already live here hope to have the conveniences and protection which a water system will afford, unless we vote for this proposition.”

“We have long advocated a waterworks for Benton. Others have done the same. Most of us are agreed that it is the only solution to the town’s problem. Lack of water, poor service and high insurance rates serve to hold the community back. If the people of Benton will get behind the movement, co-operate with the town officials and all work together, we can see no reason why Benton cannot have a water system within the next few months.”

“As the town’s only newspaper, we offer our services in this instance. Our columns are open for a full and complete discussion of the matter. We are heartily in favor of the waterworks and we believe the community as a whole takes the same attitude.”

“We urge and call upon our Mayor and Aldermen to take the lead; we are ready to back them up and co-operate in any manner possible.”

This support for a waterworks in Benton is only one example of how progress has been made in Bossier Parish. Visit the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center to learn about other example of progress.

Ann Middleton is Director of the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center. She can be reached at (318) 746-7717 or amiddlet@state.lib.la.us

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