The January 9, 1936 issue reported on the Bossier City Town Council’s regular meeting.

“The Bossier City Town Council held a regular meeting Tuesday night of this week, at the Town Hall, in Bossier City. Among the more important matters up for consideration was the proposed purchase of a park site for the city. After hearing members of the council, and Mayor Tom Hickman, report that S. D. Hunter, owner of the site of old Fort Smith, a Civil War fortification and surrounding land, had agreed to donate .61 of an acre and that the Bossier Parish Police Jury agreed to buy one acre, the council voted to buy the remaining three acres of a 4.61 acre tract.”

“Members of the Lions Club and the Parent-Teacher Association present for the council meeting declared that immediate steps will be taken to begin improving the site. It was also announced that Mr. Hunter had said that he will donate a street on the east side of the park, provided the town will grade and work it. This will be done, it was said. H. H. Allen, speaking for the Lions and P. T. A. thanked the council for its action in this matter.”

“The council listened to a report from the auditors who have recently audited the town’s books. The audit [that] was filed shows Bossier City to be in splendid financial condition, the auditor said.”

“The town acquired a new water consumer of considerable size, during Tuesday night’s meeting, when R. A. Ives, owner of Kickapoo, agreed to let the Lincoln Creosoting Company tie on the city main at his place. This firm will use from 100,000 to 300,000 gallons of water each month, it is learned.”

“After bids on a new police car had been received, the council voted to purchase a new Ford, which will be bought from the Wray-Dickinson Company this week and put into service immediately.”

“The council voted to begin assessing penalties on 1935 taxes on March 1st, instead of an earlier date, as is usually the custom.”

“After considerable discussion on the proposition of raising salaries of municipal employees, the council voted to raise the salaries of the two paid firemen, the three hired policemen and the two water works men $10 a month each. The salaries of the garbage haulers had previously been raised. The motion to this effect was made by W. M. McCall, seconded by Oscar Shaver.”

“It was also voted to advertise in the official journal, the Planters Press, for a fiscal agent for the current year.”

“The final adoption of the budget for the current year, approval of current bills and other routine matters took up the remainder of the time during the meeting.”

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