A January 19, 1928 article in the Bossier Banner titled “The Bells Are Ringing” paid tribute to V. V. Whittington.

“We remember reading in our school books once about a boy name Dick Whittington who, tiring of the irksome tasks he had encountered after leaving his country-side home to go to London, England to work, turned aside from his labors and proceeded to return to his old home, sick of the dizzy London life.  As he journeyed home he fell asleep by the wayside and dreamed that he heard bells ringing from afar off which were saying to him ‘Return Dick Whittington, return Dick Whittington, and thrice you shall be Lord Mayor of London.’”

“From Bossier Parish there is another Whittington of the same stock, one born in the rugged countryside of the Free State, 34 years ago–V. V. Whittington, just one of a large family of Whittingtons.  He attended the country schools, later entering school at Ruston, then to the Louisiana State University [then] appointed to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., [then] returning to teach school in Koran and Atkins, this parish, and later in Bienville Parish.”

“When President Woodrow Wilson with his cabinet declared war on Germany Mr. Whittington immediately placed himself in the lines of duty as a soldier of his country, being sent to San Antonio, Tex., and from there to camps in Virginia and Maryland.  At the close of the war he returned home, married and with his wife was elected principal of the Bossier City school.  When the Adair [John F. Adair was Bossier Parish Sheriff from 1920-1934] administration came into office Mr. Whittington was appointed office deputy and tax collector, and hardly had he been thus in office before the Police Jury of this parish appointed him parish treasurer, which position he now holds.  When his office as deputy sheriff expired he assumed the cashiership of the Bank of Benton, another position he now holds.  Aside from Mr. Whittington’s  duties as parish treasurer, cashier of the Bank of Benton, secretary and treasurer of the Benton Motor Finance Corporation, mayor of Benton, past Worshipful Master of Cypress Lodge No. 89, he is at the head of  (or behind) every institution, group or class that has the advancement of Bossier Parish at heart.”

“With his election Tuesday, the people of Webster and Bossier without opposition have placed a man at the head of the 26th District’s affairs who is as fair minded and above reproach as old Bodcau is the best fishing stream in Louisiana.”  [Whittington was elected Louisiana State Senator and served in that position for 4 years.]

“The bells are ringing for you, too, Mr. Whittington, the same as they were ringing for the other Whittington.  Success to you.”

Members of the Whittington Family have a long history of service to Bossier Parish.  Visit the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center to learn more about how they have served.

Ann Middleton is Director of the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center. She can be reached at (318) 746-7717 or amiddlet@state.lib.la.us.