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Horton addresses COVID-19 concerns via Facebook


According to State Representative Dodie Horton’s (R-Haughton) Facebook page, she has been receiving lots of inquiries about whether the Governor is going to require the state to shelter in place. 

In her Facebook post, Horton noted facts regarding the inquiries that have been made. 

Listed below are bullet point facts that Horton listed in her post:

  • There is no current plan to require citizens of the state to shelter in place. 
  • The National Guard is being deployed to help with sites that have been set up to house persons who are awaiting test results and do not have a place to stay, to help stand up drive-thru testing sites, and to help evaluate structures that may serve as temporary hospitals to support the medical surge we anticipate. 
  • The National Guard has NOT been deployed to invoke martial law. 
  • Local governments have the ability shelter in place without approval or direction of the governor.
  • Shelter in place, as implemented by other municipalities and states, is not a complete lockdown that requires people to not leave their homes.  People are still allowed to go to work, to go to the grocery store, to go to the pharmacy, to go to the doctor, etc.

Prior to Horton’s Facebook post, Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington held a news conference Wednesday afternoon with other city leaders to discuss updates relating to COVID-19 in Bossier Parish.

During the news conference, Whittington said that there are no plans for massive lockdowns or closing of interstates.

“I have had many texts and phone calls about this. There are no plans for massive lockdowns, no closing of interstates, no martial law, none of that,” Whittington said.

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