House votes to impeach Trump, Bossier Congressman Mike Johnson votes no


WASHINGTON – The U.S. House approved two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump Wednesday night, making him the third president in history to face removal by the Senate.

U.S. Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04), a Bossier resident, voted against the impeachment of President Trump. He released the following statement via email:

“This is the first time in the history of this country that an impeachment has been pursued without a specific crime being alleged or proven. Even after 14 hours of debate in the House Judiciary Committee, no one could produce a scintilla of credible evidence. The real abuse of power here is on the part of the House Democrats, as they have recklessly pursued this impeachment – 20 times faster than the impeachment investigation of Bill Clinton – to reach their predetermined political outcome. 

“The founders of this country warned against a single party impeachment because they feared it would bitterly, and perhaps irreparably, divide our nation. This impeachment will fail, but the Pandora’s Box House Democrats have opened today will do irreparable damage to our country in the years ahead.”

Earlier today, Johnson delivered a speech on the House floor unraveling House Democrats’ politically-motivated, “evidence-free” impeachment. To watch Johnson’s full remarks, click here.