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Huckabee slams Obama at local book signing: ‘It’s embarrassing…he can’t see there’s a difference between evil and good’

(Courtesy of Tom Pace) State Representative Henry Burns, R-Haughton, (right) has a copy of Mike Huckabee’s new book signed by the presidential hopeful during a local tour stop this past weekend.

Story by Tom Pace, Host “Talk of the Town” on The Promise 90.7FM

GOP presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee is a man on a mission, determined to reclaim America in the name of his new book: God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.

The former Arkansas governor came out swinging against President Obama and the White House during an exclusive interview with “Talk of the Town” host Tom Pace at the Lifeway Christian Store on Youree Drive.

When asked, “If, like Arkansas…is America the Land of Opportunity?” Huckabee’s answer was direct: “It always has been.  I think right now we are, for the first time in my lifetime, probably the first time in American history, losing that distinction.”

Speaking about Obama, he continued, “We have a President that can’t even bring himself to say ‘Islamic jihadism’ and this is embarrassing.  And last week, at the (National} Prayer Breakfast,  when he called out Christians from a thousand years ago, before there was an America, but he couldn’t say Islam, I was embarrassed for him;  that he can’t see that there is a difference between evil and good.”

“And I’m convinced Tom, if this President sat down and were to watch a John Wayne western from the 50’s, when it was over, he couldn’t distinguish the good guys from the bad guys.”

Carrying the author and aspiring presidential candidate, Huckabee’s tour bus, emblazoned with a large photo of the cover for his book signing event, rolled into Shreveport, Louisiana about 3:50pm, Saturday, February 7th to a small  group of supporters holding and waving signs like: “Geaux Huckabee! 2016” and “Hoping for Huckabee.”

One thing’s for sure, Huckabee is a strong supporter of Israel, as he seemed very disappointed that Obama is giving their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau, the equivalent of the Presidential cold shoulder, by not meeting with him at the White House while he’s in Washington.

It’s so much sour grapes about political protocol : Obama is angry that House Speaker John Boehner did not consult with him (before Boehner invited Netanyhau to address a joint session of Congress.)

Huckabee’s reaction to a possible boycott by the Democrats: “There’s a lot of immaturity, and I think it’s unfortunate. Benjamin Netanyhau has a message that America needs to hear. He is a personal friend of mine.  I’ve known him for 25 years.  I will be in Israel next week. I will see him when I’m there.”

Emphasizing, Huckabee said, “I will encourage him to come, and understand, and though you may be snubbed by the White House, you are most welcomed by the American people, who value your defense not just of Israel, but of freedom loving people all over the world.”

“He (Netanyhau) understands something that the President does not: that Iran poses a clear and present danger and an existential threat to Israel first, but to the United States as well.”

“And I’m just disappointed that the people in the White House are more worried about the Israelis building bedrooms for their children, than they are about the Iranians building bombs just to blow them up,” concluded the 59 year-old Hope, Arkansas native, and two-term Governor.

About 100 notables and supporters seemed happy to stand in line for nearly an hour for their personally autographed copy of Huckabee’s book. Louisiana State Rep. Henry Burns, and Sen. Barrow Peacock, along with newly-elected Bossier-Webster District Court Judge Jeff Thompson were also in attendance.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Huckabee confirmed that a formal announcement of his 2016 presidential candidacy will come early this spring.

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