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If I Were President of the U.S.

The Constitution of the United States makes one thing perfectly clear to all Americans: Our government should be one that is dedicated (1) to the people, (2) by the people, and (3) for the people. Nothing else matters.

The direction and course that America takes should, therefore, reside in the minds, dreams, and hearts of the electorate. That means all of us, not Presidents, nor legislators, nor bureaucrats, and certainly not politicians. God bless the Founding Fathers for their wisdom who placed the power of the new republic in the hands of the People. The course America takes should not lie in the hands of a foreign ideology. It should not be overhauled by a zealous political entity. America must remain in the hopes and dreams of all the people who trust the U. S. Constitution as their guiding light of freedom. Such made America a great nation from 1776-1964. America regained some of its undying beliefs from 1980-1988. Since 1988, America has been in a downward spiral to depths we have never seen, and it’s about to explode! God is being attacked at every angle. Arrogance is a trait only of the Devil, not of God. So, God bless the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. Such wisdom is totally devoid in Washington D.C. in 2013. Let us all pray that we can regain some of their wisdom and foresight in the weeks and months ahead.

When I was a much younger man (1973), my oldest daughter, Julie, asked me one day, “Daddy, why don’t you try to be the President?” What a compliment, I thought to myself. I have never forgotten what my daughter asked me. I was 32 years old then, now I’m 72, and I would like to answer my daughter’s question of 40 years ago. My daughter, Julie, placed that much faith and trust and wisdom in me as I now place in the Founding Fathers of America. So, I say to Julie, I could never betray your trust as even now I cannot betray the trust that our Founding Fathers placed in all of us.

Therefore, I will give a reply to my daughter. I will tell Julie what I would do if I were the President of this great nation. I feel sure you will agree with me.

If I were President today, I would search for every means to learn and discover the hopes, dreams, and thoughts of Americans today. The “voice of the electorate” would be my guiding light to forge a continued path of freedom and hope for ourselves and the hopes of those less fortunate in the world at large. I would begin this quest by calling together the leader of the House and the leader of the Senate of the U.S. Congress. We would at length discuss the important issues facing America and the people of our great nation. We would make a list of these issues and label them as (1) high priority and (2nd) priority, and so on…… Next, I would share with the two leaders my opinion as it pertains to each item on the list and would ask them to share all of this with their respective representatives. Then I would ask each leader of the House and Senate to inform all the members that a two week recess is declared for them to return home and share the priorities with their constituents and the Presidents’ approach to each issue. After hearing the voices of Americans, we are now ready to formulate legislation that will accurately and appropriately solve the issues of the day.

So long as our elected representatives are there for self elevation, whether it be political, monetary, ideological, etc., nothing else will matter in the end save the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the American people. We must remember at all cost that our way of governing must be “by the people and for the people.”

May God continue to Bless America!



James Gleason

Plain Dealing, LA

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