Residents who have water wells that were covered by flood waters want to take steps to insure their supply has not been contaminated.

Bob Norad, Regional Director for the Health Dept. sanitary services, and Chip Reeves, Bossier Parish sanitarian, have provided information on chlorinating individual water wells to help insure safety.

According to the officials, water wells and septic systems are the responsibility of the homeowner. Homeowners can chlorinate and flush the wells, but a licensed well service provider may be needed.

Septic systems may not need to be pumped out unless the system is full of trash and debris. A licensed septic service provider may be required, however, if the system is mechanical.

For the individual’s protection, samples should be taken from the systems. Samples are $75 for each resample that is completed by the parish sanitarian. Bossier Parish Health Unit Sanitary Services can be reached at 741-7492.

Residents can obtain a sample kit for $40 and return it to the lab at the Caddo Parish Health Unit, 1033 Creswell Ave. (third floor) from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Water sampling questions may be answered by calling 676-7807, ext. 231.

Lab samples check for chloroform and E.coli only. A private laboratory will be necessary to check for other contaminates.

Sanitation officials gave instructions on steps to take when chlorinating water wells. Those include:

  • Remove vent pipe from well. Pour one gallon of bleach into the well through the vent pipe, then pour two gallons of water into well and replace the vent pipe. Allow the mixture to sit for two hours.
  • Turn on the tap and allow water to run until you smell chlorine. Let the system sit for eight hours or overnight. Flush the system through outside faucets until there is no chlorine smell. Call Parish Sanitarian at 741-7492 for resample.
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