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Irwin announces bid for re-election to Bossier City Council

Political Announcement

Scott Irwin announces his re-election campaign for city council District 1.

Irwin was elected to the council in 2007. He has a master’s degree from Louisiana Tech, certified employee benefit specialists through the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. A republican and dedicated citizen, Mr. Irwin is a member of Friends of the Red River Wildlife Refuge and the Bossier City Rotary Club. He is married to Peggy Irwin and they have two children, Amelia and Jeffery.

“The people of South Bossier is what makes South Bossier such a nice place to live and raise a family. It is an honor to serve the residents of South Bossier. They are a delight to interact with and help me keep South Bossier moving forward. The residents of South Bossier let me know of issues and/or ideas to implement in South Bossier. This teamwork is what has helped South Bossier grow in population, with nice amenities, and with commercial development,” said Irwin.

Why am I running for re-election:

First, I enjoy working with the residents. They feel like family to me. We have accomplished much in South Bossier, but there is still more to do. I have a list of improvements for South Bossier. They are improvements to neighborhoods, they are improvements to major state highways, and there are quality of life improvements.

Improvements in Neighborhoods:

I have driven every street in every neighborhood in South Bossier and made of list of street, curb, and sidewalk improvements that need to be made. With the help of the administration, we have prioritized these projects and will tackle millions of dollars of improvements each year for the next 4 years. We have done much work to the streets in South Bossier in the past. We need to continue and broaden that work. By investing in South Bossier neighborhoods, we make it a nice place for current residents, but also show new people moving to the area that we care about every neighborhood. This makes new residents eager to move to South Bossier. Currently, one of the largest housing developments in Bossier City is being built in South Bossier.

Our population is growing. It is growing not only because the area is well maintained and safe, people are moving here because we have a well thought out traffic system in South Bossier. You can move around South Bossier with ease without experiencing traffic headaches. The extension of the ART parkway south is one of the greatest improvements to South Bossier in recent years. People also move here because of our abundance of green spaces. Mike Woods Park has been completely renovated. Walker Park is being highly utilized. The South Bossier park is ideal for multiple sports teams to practice at the same time. One of the greatest gems in northwest Louisiana is the Red River Refuge. It has miles of hiking trails and is connected to miles of paved trails along the Red River. South Bossier is rich with parks and green space.

Improvements to major highways:

The intersection of Golden Meadows and Highway 71 needs to be improved. Right now, when Parkway High School lets out, cars heading north on Hwy 71 stack up if they need to turn into Jamestown Apartments. We will build a northbound turning lane on Hwy 71 to accommodate cars turning into the Apartments. A turn signal will be added. This will improve the safety of this intersection.

Quality of life Improvements:

Parts of South Bossier are pushing 70 years old. It is important to invest in and around these neighborhoods to ensure they maintain a steady increase in property values. Currently, a Highway 71 beautification program is underway in some of the oldest areas of South Bossier. Highway 71 has not had a lot invested in it aesthetically since the road was built. This project is a first step to give this section of road a little character and a facelift. The project will include a sidewalk, benches, architectural lighting, and include many trees to help soften the edge of Highway 71. It will show new folks that visit the area that the City appreciates South Bossier and invests in it.

In addition, improvements are planned for Shady Grove Boulevard. The long-run plan is to help make South Bossier a walkable neighborhood. We have some incredible walking trails along the river. I want to eventually make it easy for anyone that has the desire to exercise, to be able to access those trails easily and safely on foot.

Another goal of mine is to add more high-speed internet options to South Bossier.

Finally, I will continue to work toward building a new Jimmie Davis Bridge. While this is a State project, I will do everything I can to help this project come to fruition.

Safety First:

It is critical to ensure that we have first-class police and fire protection in South Bossier. I am proud of the fact that Bossier City’s fire department has attained a Class One status. This saves residents on their home insurance. We continue to invest in our police department to ensure the safety of our residents. Law and order is critically important to me.


South Bossier really shows its pride with the newly renovated water tower located on Highway 71. The tower proudly thanks our first responders and troops. This water tower was recently voted and received the “Best Water Tower in the USA” award.

Bossier City has been named by Money Magazine twice “one of the top cities in the USA in which to call home”.

Retire Magazine named Bossier City “one of the top cities in the USA in which to retire”.

Bossier City is adding hundreds of jobs to the area’s employment base with the development of the Cyber Innovation District. Bossier City is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to work.

“Let us keep South Bossier moving forward. Besides my relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and my marriage to my wonderful wife Peggy, serving the people of South Bossier is my highest honor. I humbly ask for your vote on March 20 for my re-election to the Bossier City Council,” said Irwin.

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