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It’s official: Louisiana schools close through end of school year


Governor John Bel Edwards announced Wednesday, he has issued an executive order to keep all K-12 public school buildings closed in the state through the end of this current school year.

Gov. Edwards clarified that “education will still continue” via distance learning.

For most schools, the current school year ends in May. Gov. Edwards said it is not feasible for school to resume like normal during the current school year.

“Closing public schools in Louisiana for the remainder of the year is not a choice I was excited to make, but it is one that is necessary to protect the safety of our children, our teachers and staff and the community at large,” Gov. Edwards said. “But, I want to be clear about something: This isn’t the end of learning, it’s just the end of students physically going to school campuses for the remainder of the semester. Remote learning will continue and we will all work together to make sure that our students do not fall behind academically. In addition, we expect that school systems will continue to provide nutrition and meals for students.”

“To our students, I want to thank you for learning in such trying times, and I want to thank our teachers for committing to remote learning and keeping a connection with you. It is not lost on me that our parents are being asked to manage so much more than they ever expected they would have to, and I thank them for taking an even more active role in their children’s education than normal,” Gov. Edwards said. “And to our soon-to-be graduates: I do not have the words to tell you how proud I am of you for your accomplishments, especially under such hard and unconventional circumstances. We will properly celebrate you in time, when it is safe. We will all get through this together and we will come back stronger than we were before.”

The governor initially shut down schools on March 16.