Dear Editor,

Our children are losing educational substance. Our parents are exhausted from fighting for their children. Our highly skilled teachers are leaving in droves. Our schools are in complete chaos. Our state business leaders are hell bent on controlling every aspect of education. Our state education leaders are determined to pander to the wants of the greedy special interest groups.

How much more can and will the citizens of this state put up with the manipulation, lies, and deception that is taking place in the Louisiana Department of Education and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE)? From the day that Bobby Jindal signed onto the Race to the Top Grant and teamed up with greedy and power-hungry business groups like LABI and CABL to purchase BESE and therefore John White, our state education system has been in an absolute state of chaos. Students, parents, principals, superintendents, school board members, and legislators have tried without success to expose the corrupt nature of the destructive “Education Reform” sweeping this state.

It is time for accountability! It is time for truth! It is time for the citizens of Louisiana to stand up and say, “We’ve had enough!” The fall election holds a unique opportunity to make this statement loud and clear. Eight BESE seats are up for election on October 24th. I challenge all voters to research your district BESE candidates and see who is promoted by special interest groups like LABI and CABL.

Research to make sure your pull of the lever supports a leader that will stand up for our children and our future, not the deep pockets of those who have no educational expertise. Let’s elect leaders that will stand up and represent our children, parents, teachers, and schools. It is time to put children first and Flip BESE!

Caryn Jenkins, Louisiana Parent

Stonewall, Louisiana


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