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Johnson issues statement on spending bill

WASHINGTOON, D.C.  —  Rep. Mike Johnson (LA-04) released the following statement on the passage of H.R. 1625 – the Consolidated Appropriations Act:

“There is no way, in good conscience, I could vote for the omnibus spending bill because its content, and the process behind it, violates our most basic responsibilities and our principles. First, the idea that we could digest 2,232 pages of bill text appropriating all of the funding for the federal government in less than 24 hours is absurd and eerily similar to the ‘we must pass it to see what’s in it’ Obamacare debacle. What we were able to review in the short time before the vote, however, is of grave concern. This package does little to fund our border security efforts, places no restrictions on dangerous sanctuary cities, allows funding for Planned Parenthood and leaves Obamacare completely intact.

“Our nation’s top military officials have repeatedly warned Congress that the number one threat to our national security is our debt. But today, we were asked to vote in favor of even more, massive increases in discretionary, domestic spending. No family or company or local governmental body could operate in such an irresponsible manner, and Congress should not either.

“The American people gave Republicans the House, Senate, and White House to implement conservative principles and careful stewardship and to return our government to one that is truly for the people, by the people. I cannot vote for a deficit spending package that does little to advance the conservative agenda and falls far short of the expectations the American people have set for their representatives in Congress.”

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