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Letter: A line has been drawn


Dear Superintendent John White & BESE,

Be it known today that the line has been drawn! The people are awakening to the truth. We have seen and heard enough. We now fully realize the lies, the incompetency, the cover ups, the under the table deals, the conflicts of interests, the political games, and the bullying. We have witnessed the manipulation of superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, and students. We have seen how you have pitted children, parents, teachers, principals, and superintendents against one another for your financial, political, and personal gain. And most of all, we have seen the utter and complete degradation of education in Louisiana and the depletion of self-esteem in our children. And we are MAD!!!!

We, the citizens of Louisiana, have seen children weep, beat their heads on desks, curl up in a ball and hide in the closet. We have seen them throw up uncontrollably, develop stomach ulcers and regress in their childhood development. We have seen them suck their thumbs until they develop sores and pull their hair out. We have taken them to psychologists, pediatricians, gastrointestinal specialists, and tutors. We have seen the charter conversion, data collection, and we know about grit, tenacity, and perseverance. WE HAVE SEEN ENOUGH AND WE ARE MAD!!!!!!

We may not have the money that you, the US Department of Education, the Louisiana Department of Education, the US Chambers of Commerce, Ed Trust, LABI, CABL, Teach for America, Stand on Children and whomever else you have on your speed dial. But do you want to know what we do have? We have VOTES!

Be it known that you; John White, Chas Roemer, Judy Miranti, Holly Boffy, Jay Guillot, Kira Jones, Connie Bradford, and Jim Garvey, have 8 months to update your resumes. You may have the power of manipulation and lies, but if my estimates are correct, and if we have over 700,000 students in Louisiana, that we probably have over 1,000,000 parents that vote in this state. You may have the ability to manipulate the numbers, twist the truth, and refuse to hear what we have to say for now. But come October the citizens will speak loud and clear! We will vote you AND Common Core out of Louisiana!

So go ahead and enjoy your limelight and your kickbacks because we are done! And Mr. White, we don’t back down, we double down!!!!

Caryn Jenkins

Stonewall, LA

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.


  1. I agree. This has got to stop. Louisiana needs to take control. I’m not saying John White, Chas Roemer or the others obviously in BESE that are doing their best to turn our kids over to the government. We need REAL teachers and child advocates involved in developing a true back to basics curriculum. Our kids are smart. Standardized tests are taking away from instruction time. Follow the money. Look into Pearson. We’re giving power to the wrong people. Learn more about who you’re voting for. Pay attention to who is in control of what our children are learning in the classroom. This is America and our our Constitution was written to give power to the people, not to be controlled by the government.

  2. LOL@poster. Literally insane, and I hope to god this was meant to be a satirical post.

    Listen, education certainly has its failures but the reasons you list are NOT why your child struggles so much. You mention the degradation of the system. When I graduated valedictorian of my high school, Louisiana schools ranked pretty much where they are right now. In fact, they may have ranked even lower. I had my share of bad teachers, administration, and resources all the way from k-12, through LSU, and finally through LSUHSC NO.

    I still managed to be at the top of my class in all settings—and I did not even get study guides each week like my son does. Also, my son is well beyond grade level. My colleagues all have children in Louisiana school, and all are extremely successful. Good parents set their children up to succeed. The truth about education is that some kids are just dumb—and dumb kids are not going to do well.

  3. everything said is true! I have watched very special children
    to me be demeaned, lied to, bullied, arrested (for no reason), civil rights violated!, and much more. it does have to stop. the bossier parish education system are teaching students that bad behavior will be tolerated and rewarded. parents must band together to stop this. and I will dare to call it insanity. never have I seen such failure in a school system. the children are being put at risk everyday and the principles and teachers do nothing! it is a complete outrage! not only should jobs be taken but in some cases charges should be imposed!

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