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Letter: Common Core is driving families away from La.

[Editor’s Note: The following letter was submitted to the BPT by Diane Long of the Louisiana Power Coalition]

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you to express my intense dislike for the Common Core Curriculum that has been implemented in the Bossier City school system and across the state of Louisiana. Do you know how many parents in Louisiana and Bossier Parish are looking into private schools and/ or moving OUT of Louisiana because they are so concerned about this Common Core Curriculum and what it is doing to our children? I am only one of THOUSANDS.

Have YOU done any homework with a child using the common core curriculum? At back to school night at Benton Elementary parents where given a list of what third graders would be expected to “do” on the ILeap exam.

My 8th grade son told me last night that he now HATES school. This is an honor student that has a very bright future. I have 2 stepsons who attend Arkansas High School as a junior and senior. The senior has scored a 34 on the ACT and describes my son’s math homework as “crazy”.

My children attend three high-performing schools in Benton. Last year my third grader failed. She is repeating this year and the past two years have been utter hell for her and us as parents. The rolling out of “Common Core” has been horrible. Teachers weren’t prepared for these changes. My nine-­year-­old daughter HATES school with such a passion that she has been placed on an antidepressant because of her anxiety. The homework is ridiculous and my husband and myself wonder WHY we are sending our children to school to learn insanely ridiculous ways of solving problems in mathematics.

I support Governor Jindal for LISTENING to parents and standing up to the corporate and federal bullies. I attended high school with Mr. Chas Roemer and must say how disappointed I am in him. I am certain that HIS children attend private school. We have five children and I will find a way to educate them, but not with the Common Core Curriculum.

Christine Ytzen, RN

Bossier City

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