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Letter: Enemies join forces to destroy America

“If the pigs come, then we’ll join forces and fight them together.”  This is a line from the 1970’s movie, “The Cross and The Switchblade,” based on the true story of the work of the late Rev. David Wilkerson in reaching gangs in New York City.  Two opposing gangs were having a “war conference” for a gang fight, setting down rules of confrontation and the time and place of the battle.  Though the gangs wanted to destroy each other, they agreed to join forces in the event that their common enemy, “the pigs,” i.e. police, got involved.

This comradory of enemies over a common foe explains why today we see homosexuals and liberal feminists aligning with the same political agenda as the radical Muslims.  It is well known that Muslims despise homosexuals and refuse to recognize the rights and dignity of women.  In Muslim countries homosexuals are not only not tolerated, they are often executed for their homosexuality.  Women are treated as cattle and can be beaten or even killed for not staying under the thumbs of Muslim men.

Though these groups despise each other elsewhere in the world, here in the U. S. they join forces against their common foe – that being traditional American values.  These are the values that were held uniformly in America until the last four or five decades and are still maintained by a large percentage of Americans.  Liberal feminists and homosexuals hate traditional American values because they support the traditional family and marriage being between one man and one woman.  Muslims, on the other had, fight traditional American values because these values support individual dignity and freedom and reject the cruelties of Sharia law.

So, here in the U. S. these would-be enemies work together for the destruction of their common foe – America as it once was – the very system that gives them their freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of political action and protest.

Now the question should be asked, “If these groups succeed in destroying their common enemy, will they then turn on each other?”

Probably the answer is “yes.”

What will life be like when that happens?  Well, probably we traditionalists won’t live to see the answer to that question.

Steve Casey

Stonewall, LA

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