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Letter: La.’s public schools are being decimated by charter system

Dear Editor,

We are now tapping our feet to the second verse of the Common Core proponents’ song, “Seek & Destroy” (John White borrowed this anthem from Metallica). Pandering to those who he has promised to hand our children over to, John White continues to sing a song that searches, seeks, and destroys. A song that he has sung very eloquently in New York and Louisiana where he has been more than successful in killing over 200 public schools and serving them on a platter to the Charter gods.

Don’t be deceived by this recent effort to “compromise” or offer an olive branch from educational slave owners to slave. The four lawmakers, Broadwater, Walsworth, LeFleur, and Leger, are in harmony with John White on the recent statewide theatrics to “act” like they are listening to the concerns of students, parents, and teachers. At what point in time will the TRUE stakeholders be resourced into the discussion about what is best for Louisiana education? At what point in time will big money and big politics be kicked out of our schools and the students, parents, and teachers be included in the dialogue about what will truly move education forward?

There is an invading political disease across the United States from top to bottom that is no longer looking to the experts in areas of reform to properly address change. As with healthcare, if we continue to move forward with “change” that doesn’t include true introspection from ALL of the perspectives, stakeholders, and experts, then we have ignored common sense and empathy driven change that will ensure the collapse of our country.

If we continue to look to the opinions of money and politics, we will continue to pander to the greed and power that drive these sectors. The TRUE stakeholders in education have NO other motive but to empower our children to achieve the American Dream. But the current education power players have no other motive but to PROFIT. These players leave the main ingredient out of the recipe, compassion. Let us move our focus to those who have genuine and true motives to better our children. When we do that, the rigor, workforce development, and international competitiveness that EVERYONE is so obsessed over will naturally grow from that foundation.

What is the proverbial saying? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” We call John White’s bluff and we raise the bet and our final call will be the call for John White’s resignation along with firing the BESE members and legislators that refuse to listen to the song that the concerned students, parents, and teachers of this great state are singing, “We Won’t Back Down.”

Caryn Jenkins

Stonewall, LA

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