Letter: No to more hazardous materials


Camp Minden, yes, that again! Bringing more Toxic, Military Grade Munitions into an already contaminated superfund site, cannot be our future! It’s ludicrous to me that some would think so.

In case people didn’t know, Camp Minden was classified as a superfund site for the second time with the M6 that has caused two accidental explosions (the first in Oct 2012), along with the original classification of the former LAAP lines that made munitions starting with WWII.

Now ESI and the Maddens want to amend the contract to keep the burn chamber and make NWLA the ‘Premier Storage and Disposal Capital’ of the country. True that we have hazardous materials on our roads and railways everyday, even our airbags are hazardous now, and for me this is all the more reason to not want more! The rails that will bring it into Camp Minden are a stones throw to Doyline Schools playground, and those same tracks run close to Haughton High, Simsboro, Arcadia, Grambling, and LA Tech, through Shreveport and Monroe also. ESI is not Explo by any stretch though accidents will happen because humans are fallible, and then, there’s the natural catastrophes, like tornados, lightning and flooding to consider and no amount of Insurance or Bonding can bring back a life or lives!

Also, this community is one of the biggest contributors to St. Jude’s. Coincidence? Not for me. Children’s cancer is not attributed to “lifestyle” as ESI would have you believe.

In closing, I remember my Parents and Grandparents always saying they want more for their Children, and knowing what we know now, and, as a Grandparent myself, I say emphatically that this connot be “it”.

We are to learn from our parents mistakes, not exacerbate them!

Jeffrey Braumiller

Sibley LA