Letter: Support for Lowrie in Louisiana House District 8 election


[Editor’s Note: The following article was submitted by Dr. Randy Harper as a letter to the editor. The Bossier Press-Tribune did not generate this article nor does it endorse any candidates in the upcoming election]

Michael “Duke” Lowrie is a candidate for special election for Louisiana House of Representatives District 8.  He is no stranger to Louisiana politics. In 2011, he ran for the District 8 seat but lost to a lawyer from District 8 who would later become a Judge in Bossier Parish.  Duke didn’t run against Mike Johnson when he ran for this seat, however he did lend his support for him. Now newly elected Mike Johnson is a U.S Representative for District 4 in the U.S. House of Representatives and once again, Duke worked hard in supporting him.

Duke was a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention where he was bound by our rules to cast his vote for Donald Trump. Duke and his wife Kara made trips to Florida, a battle ground state, to help campaign for Donald Trump. Both just return from the Presidential Inauguration.

Dr. Randy Harper, senior pastor of Bellaire Baptist Church, is supporting and encouraging Duke Lowrie to run again for District 8 House of Representatives. Dr. Harper says, “Duke and his family are faithful members at Bellaire and I am very thankful to have them as members.  They make the drive from the Benton area passing some great churches along the way to worship and serve with us.  I don’t take that commitment lightly, especially in a day of non-commitment and people jumping from one church to another.”

Duke is a retired Captain from Bossier City Fire Department (BCFD) and also served with Willis Knighton Rescue.  Ricky Harper, also a Retired Assistant Chief from BCFD said, “I hold Duke in high regards.  He was an excellent firefighter and paramedic with strong leadership skills.”   Another retiree from BCFD, Mike Dooley said, “Duke would stand up for the men and women under his command; and would stand for what was right for the citizens of this city.”

All three men like what Duke would bring to the legislature in Baton Rouge.

Dr. Harper said, “Duke is a business owner and knows fiscal responsibility, but more than that, he cares about people!”  He goes on to say, “After the 2016 floods, Samaritan’s Purse came down to help the flood victims. Our South Campus location became their headquarters and the drop off center for supplies.   Although he and Kara would never make it known, they volunteered much of their time helping the community recover.  There were many families, some of them from our church, that were flooded in Golden Meadows.   Duke was a tireless servant.  He did the biggest of tasks, such as bringing a tractor trailer load with sand and helping fill the bags,  making several trips South with the tractor trailer rig hauling supplies, to the smallest of tasks, such as carrying burritos and tacos to the volunteers at the work site.   

Mike Dooley said, “I like the fact that he understands fire and police and how dangerous it is to wear the badge.  And that he also believes in the second amendment.”  Mike said, “We both grew up around it, as both of our fathers were in law enforcement.   Ricky Harper said, “Duke is prepared for whatever he gets involved in. He is a lifelong learner. It is like my brother, Dr. Harper, always says ‘You quit leading when you quit learning’.”   All three men agree Duke believes in family values and education.  Ricky remembers asking Duke, “Is all this worth the fight?”  He said Duke responded with a quote from Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Dr. Harper said, “We need Duke’s background in municipalities.  He is a business owner and a farmer with ideas to represent Bossier Parish. He is prepared for this and knows the issues. It’s time to elect someone of his background. It’s important we have a person of character with Biblical convictions and not afraid to speak up.”  He adds, “He is not your typical politician, one that is usually worried about taking care of themselves or pleasing special interest groups.”  Mike Dooley said, “We do not need another lawyer.  We have enough now and how has that been working for us?”

Duke’s life has been dedicated to public service; serving the people of Bossier Parish.  So let’s vote him in as our next District 8 representative for the Louisiana House of Representatives.