Letter To The Editor: D.C. Machen’s critical role in Bossier schools


Dear Editor,

Superintendent of Schools, D.C. Machen is now retired. Bossier has long been known for its quality of schools and Mr. Machen played a critical role in making it that way.

Many times people who have done good work are not well recognized. Although I bet most everyone will agree that D. C Machen did a great job as superintendent of the Bossier Parish School System, most will not publically express their thanks.
D.C. did a great job sheparding the school system through a long period of growth.

Executing the policies of the School Board, framing issues for discussion by the school board, communicating with the people, improving academics,
planning for growth, building for growth, and managing school board employees all were important elements of D.C.’s job as Superintendent.

And he managed all these elements well. And all to the benefit of our youth and our entire community.

D.C. Machen, I say to you- well done!

Richard Griswold
Bossier City, LA